5 Accounts of Positivity


Taking into account the current VUCA climate around us, it’s often hard to find positivity, however here at Team Amanqi we’ve found our small havens of digital joy. Whether it’s exciting recipes (we’re still trying to hone our Matcha skills), a dose of fitness tips or just beautiful aesthetics, here are some of the accounts keeping us entertained.


1) HerStreet

Sharing live workout classes and sessions by transforming their website into a virtual HerStreet, our favourite Geneva space has made our time online a lot more enjoyable.


2) Wild Girls Deli

Another Geneva favourite, the healthy (yet incredibly tasty) hub Wild Girls Deli has been sharing fun recipes and dishes that we simply can not resist trying. 


3) Radical

Providing introspective articles, thought-provoking Instagram lives and vibrant illustrations, digital platform Radical has not only been entertaining us, but providing us with food for thought.