5 Superfoods You Need In Your Pantry


So winter is here, and like us, you may have indulged more in fries or cheese and slightly deviated from your summer workout plan. But its not too late.


For those of you who are members of the social stratosphere, you may have heard of a whisper, or rather a bellow of the term ‘Superfoods’. But what does this actually mean? Despina Hyde, dietician at NYU’s Langone medical centre suggests that superfoods essentially have a plethora of vitamins and minerals that allow us mere mortals to ward off diseases and may ‘healthify’/extend your lifespan.

The science of it (in a nutshell):

Many superfoods contain antioxidants, fibre, and healthy fats, keeping you satisfied for longer. Their byproducts? Glowing skin, cardiovascular health, cholesterol control and more.



1) Acai


Perhaps the créme de la créme of berries, Acaai is said to have more antioxidants than any other berry (Great for your skin, too!). You can find these at any Whole Foods or your nearest organic food grocer. Usually found in a freeze-dried powder form, pop a spoonful in your morning smoothie! They go particularly well with frozen bananas and coconut milk or add granola for an extra crunch.


2) Cacao Powder


Where better to look for yummy superfoods than the origins of chocolate. This superfood is packed with nutrients and it reduces inflammation (bye bye bloating) and may even improve moods and symptoms of depression. It can also bring down your stress levels. We love a good cocoa-banana smoothie here at Amanqi or start your morning with a tablespoon of cocoa powder mixed into your ‘go-to’ healthy pancake mix!


3) Seaweed


This gem from the sea is a brilliant source of calcium, iron and zinc. Commonly known as “nori”, used mainly for sushi, this baby can be sprinkled over your salad and bowl of rice. Another option is to replace your wraps with this healthier alternative rather than carb/gluten heavy wraps. Best of all, there are multiple types of seaweed that allows one to pick from a variety.


4) Wheatgrass Powder


If you loathe eating veggies all the time, or even love them, wheatgrass is for you. This is a conveniently concentrated antioxidant and veggie fix. Some may potentially find this bitter, so to camouflage the taste we recommend blending it into a smoothie mixture. Try a half/full cup yogurt (chobani or skyr is great) and blend with wheatgrass, water and some ice cubes and you’re ready to go! In several cases this superfood can propel your skin health forward and give you a healthy glow.


5) Bee Pollen


Bee pollen is a frequently neglected superfood. This superfood is pure protein and perfect for post gym energy. It fights fatigue, which, lets be real, is vital for this stressed out generation. Although we must say, bee pollen does have an acquired taste. We personally suggest mixing this in a kale smoothie with an apple and a bit of lemon (this distracts from the taste). The consistency of bee pollen is quite unique, almost like a clump of powder. Like its sister, honey, bee pollen has a sweet taste. We don’t suggest eating it on its own as the aftertaste can be overpowering. This superfood is best when combined with other healthy fruit/vegetable smoothies.



*Please note that the statements in this article are designed to give educational information on the benefits of superfoods and not for medical advice or to diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Please consult your physician before consuming anything or using them in combination with any medications.