A Guide To Amsterdam


As one of the most talked about cities in Europe right now, Amsterdam should be at the top of your travel bucket list and rightly so. From the picturesque houses, to the cosy coffee shops and never ending canals, these are only the beginning of what makes this bike-friendly city so fascinating.



1) The Avocado Show


The avocado craze is huge in this health orientated city, so make sure to head to The Avocado Show to try it in every shape and form possible. The avocado fries are a must try!


The Avocado Show

Photo: Courtesy of Eloise Andrews


2) Mama Kelly’s


As possibly the pinkest place in the whole of the Netherlands, this Instagram hot spot is worth a visit, not only for the pretty aesthetic, but for the amazing Dutch and European dishes too.


Mama Kelly

Photo: Courtesy of Eloise Andrews


3) Wake Me Up When I’m Famous


As a city, renowned for its artistic flair with the likes of the Moco Museum and Rijksmuseum to visit, Amsterdam also offers an array of street art around the city with its most recognised as the ‘Wake me up when I’m famous’ wall. A blogger’s delight yet also something we all would like to come true, right (or rich at least)?


Wake me up when im famous

Photo: Courtesy of Eloise Andrews


4) Polaberry


When strolling round the canals, whether you decide to walk or jump on the bandwagon and cycle, a good place to stop for a sweet treat is Polaberry. The chocolate boutique offers chocolate covered strawberries, speciality coffee and cakes!



Photo: Courtesy of Eloise Andrews


5) Tulips


There is nothing more quintessentially Dutch than tulips, so when wandering round Amsterdam, it’s hard to miss these symbolic flowers. The best place to buy some tulips is from Amsterdam’s most famous florist ‘Bluemenmarkt’.



Photo: Courtesy of Eloise Andrews