ALANINA by Nisrine Mourad

Discover the world of elegance and timeless sophistication with Alanina, a fine jewellery brand that transcends the boundaries of conventional luxury. Renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to creating pieces that resonate with individuality, Alanina seamlessly blends traditional artistry with contemporary design. Each meticulously crafted creation tells a unique story, reflecting the brand’s dedication to transforming precious metals and gemstones into wearable works of art. Join us on a journey through the enchanting universe of Alanina, where every piece is a testament to the brand’s unwavering pursuit of beauty, innovation, and the celebration of the extraordinary.

Q: The most challenging piece you’ve ever designed: can you describe it?

A: The most challenging piece that I have ever designed was The Estrella Choker/Bracelet from the Neo-Couture Collection. Curating the stones and sketching the piece took more than 2 months of work. Then, doing samples to check the fluidity of the piece, and then actually handcrafting it took another 3 months. 

Q: Gold or silver: which metal speaks to you more?

A: Definitely gold on all occasions. 

Q: In your opinion, what’s the most underrated gemstone to work with?

A: None. 

Q: If your jewelry was a movie character, who would it be and why?Philippine Leroy Beaulieu and Anne Hathaway. 

A: Big, bold statement pieces or delicate, everyday jewelry: which do you enjoy creating more?Definitely Bold statement pieces – one of a kind pieces with a statement. No stacking. And it can be styled in a way to uplift an everyday/daily look to an evening look. 

Q: Are there any historical jewelry eras that particularly inspire your work?

A: I would put ALANINA more in the Art Deco Period and the Retro Era. We look at Geometrical, clean bold designs with big colorful Gemstones. 

Q: One jewelry piece from your collection you never leave home without?

A: The Emerald Abstract Ring and Emerald V Ring Neo Couture. 

Q: Vintage or modern jewelry: which style do you prefer wearing?

A: I would go for modern-contemporary jewelry. I was never into vintage jewelry. 

Q: If your jewelry could tell a story, what would it say? 

A: ALANINA jewelry is the modern woman who dares to be more in her life, who embraces all things new, unconventional. The ALANINA woman re-defines the world around her, walking in pursuit of her purpose. She celebrates personal style; her jewelry is an extension of her aesthetic, a symbol of her legacy and drive. She is distinguished, independent, daring.

Q: A gemstone color that you can’t resist using in your designs?

A: Rubellite – Dark to vivid Red color. 

Photo: Courtesy of ALANINA

Q: One jewelry designer, past or present, whom you greatly admire?

A: David Webb – Silvia Furmanovich – Fernando Jorge 

Q: Your favorite place to sketch new jewelry ideas?

A: One would say in the showroom, I would say at home. 

Q: The jewelry-making tool you can’t do without.

A: None 

Q: A favorite jewelry memory from your childhood?

A: My mom and the memories I share with her when she used to handpick her favorite stones from top suppliers in Brazil and then she used to sketch her own personal jewelry piece (1 of a kind – distinguished) and then used to take all the way back to Lebanon to have it implemented here. For her, jewelry is about uniqueness, about statement, about memory. It shaped my childhood memory in Brazil, It shapes now my approach to ALANINA Jewelry.

Q: Describe your creative process in three words.

A: I start by selecting a theme, understanding the theme and doing intensive research. (this takes usually 1-2 months), then I curate the stones (another 2-3 months – some are already cut, others are cut to size), then once I have the stones in my possession and the whole theme in mind, I start sketching. The stone and its beauty and color guides me through the creative process. I would never be able to sketch without having the stones in front of me. 

Photo: Courtesy of ALANINA

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