#AmanqiLoves: Carolina Bucci


When it comes to a selection of stunning jewellery, we often instantly find ourselves falling in love. This was also the case for our latest jewellery brand crush, Carolina Bucci. Synonymous with a timelessly elegant yet contemporary aesthetic, this eponymous fine jewellery label has been reshaping our jewellery essentials. Combining statement pieces with immaculately intricate detailing, this label has been at the forefront of merging heritage with trend. Intrigued by the brand’s journey, we sat down with designer Carolina to discuss her many sources of inspiration and her insider tips for aspiring designers.



Carolina Bucci

Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Bucci

The Journey Thus Far


Carolina: As long as I can remember I always wanted to be a jewellery designer. My family started their jewellery business in Florence in 1885 so I am really just taking the family business in a new direction. My things are very different from the traditional Italian fine jewellery that my grandfather would recognise and that has been a slow process to change things. But working with family, while it can be frustrating, comes with the priceless benefit of complete candour and trust.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Carolina: It is a cliche but the harder you look for it the less likely it is you will find inspiration. I am constantly in “receive” mode. Without judgement. Or trying to work out big picture ideas about collections. On any given day, I will take photos, rip out stories from magazines, make small sketches throughout the day. Then I will sit down now and again and look through all the accumulated visual references and a piece (normally just one) will formulate in my mind as something I would like to make for myself. That’s how a collection gets started. 


An Usual Day in Carolina’s Life


Carolina:  Multifarious… kids to school, breakfast with journalist, design meeting with bespoke client, web review, catching up on store trends with my store manager, phone call with workshop in Florence to guide new prototypes, pick up kids if I can, dinner with friends and family, and final catch up with US business before bed. Not too different to any other working mother except with a sprinkle of sparkly stuff.


The Brand 5 Years From Now


Carolina:  Hopefully bigger. Another one or two international mono brand stores. But without compromise on innovation. As a 100% family owned business we can afford to take our time to do things exactly how we want without chasing trends.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Carolina: Again, a bit of a cliche – but you need to get your things out in the open. Designing for a brand is in large part a commercial exercise. I come across so many jewellery designers who plan, design, plan, design but never really test their things with buyers or clients. Jewellery manufacturing is expensive so it carries its own hurdles, but if you want a brand – designing anything – then you need to believe in that brand and sell it.


Carolina Bucci

Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Bucci



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