Amanqi Loves: La Bulle


This year, much like any other year, we were able to find an incredible selection of emerging design talent at the London Fashion Week showrooms. One such talent was the sweet Esther Bou Antoun, designer of the contemporary luxury label, La Bulle. If Esther’s kind demeanour doesn’t instantly win you over, he effortlessly statement pieces will. Easy-to-wear, versatile & striking, these pieces are wardrobe winners. Intrigued by the designer’s journey, we sat down with Esther to discuss all things inspiration, the impact of social media & her insider tips to aspiring designers.



La Bulle

Photo: Courtesy of La Bulle


The La Bulle Journey


Esther: La Bulle is a very young brand – I started it less than a year ago. I was a lawyer but since I received a sewing machine and learnt how to use it, I started making clothes and discovered that I loved designing. For a moment I kept it as a hobby, but one day I decided to try doing something that I really loved and I quit my job.
So far I don’t regret this choice at all; I’m happy to see that my collection is welcomed and that I receive encouragement from the people I meet in this industry. The cherry on the cake, La Bulle was one of the four brands selected by the British Fashion Council to be part of the ‘DBX > LDN Showroom’ for London Fashion week curated by Share This Space. I couldn’t be more grateful for this start.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Esther: I love to mix the Middle Eastern and the Parisian vibe in my collections, as  I myself have a mix of French and Lebanese heritage. I think that in every aspect of life, mixing cultures is a great wealth. I also aim to create fresh clothes; I want them to have style and to be easy to wear.


A Usual Day in Esther’s Life


Esther: For now, I’m the only one in Team La Bulle so there is a lot to do. When I don’t design or create the models, I take care of the shootings, the social media or the commercial aspect. I love all sides of this job, except one thing – the administrative paperwork. I hate that!

La Bulle

Photo: Courtesy of La Bulle

The Impact of Social Media


Esther: La Bulle is on Instagram – this social media platform has helped me with visibility. It allows me to showcase my collection and to have the support of my followers. Also I met you @theamanqiedit and @sharethisspace on Instagram, so I feel that social media connects people who are on the same wavelength, have common tastes and interests.


The Favourite La Bulle Styling


Esther: My favourite way to style a La Bulle piece is to mix a strong oriental piece with jeans and t- shirt or to wear a dress with sneakers. I like to keep it simple!


The One Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Esther: I don’t know if I’m the best person to give tips, but my tip would be that when you do something with your heart, people around you can feel it, and this creates positives vibes that push you on the right path.

La Bulle

Photo: Courtesy of La Bulle


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