#AmanqiLoves: NUAGE


It’s not very often that we see design and luxury come together to create an unparalleled collection like no other. With Dubai-based brand Nuage, we get exactly this. Embedded with an understated contemporary aesthetic and created with an immaculate attention to detailed, this local brand is exactly what every style connoisseur needs in their wardrobe this season. Intrigued by the brand’s ethos, we sat down with the talented designer, Moza, to discover all things Nuage.




Photo: Courtesy of Nuage


The Nuage Journey


Moza: I always loved designing my own clothes into deep accuracy to details that reflects my personality, and my family & friends always wanted me to grow big in this. The journey of Nuage started since 2018, yet me designing on my own was something I have been doing since school days.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Moza: I look up to what’s people interests nowadays are, and start designing upon their interests; the season’s fashion, style & the weather.


An Usual Day in Team Nuage’s Life


Moza: I start by imagining designs in my head. Everyday, I wake up and I imagine a design or two and sketch them up into my notebook, and when I don’t do so, the day feels unusual.



Photo: Courtesy of Nuage


Your Favourite SS20 Styling


Moza: Beating the summer heat with the light weight fabrics and designs that would suit the season during all days and occasions; from simple casual to chic!


The Insider Tip


Moza: Be confident and creative in your designs!


The Brand 5 Years From Now


Moza: Hopefully known world wide.



Photo: Courtesy of Nuage


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