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There are very few sustainable travel brands that inspire us and This Way is one of them. Combining an understated, luxurious ease with intricate detailing, This Way is our new ‘go-to’ label this summer. Intrigued by the brand’s journey, we sat down with designer Julie to discuss all things fashion, her many sources of inspiration and her insider tips for designers.



This Way

Photo: Courtesy of This Way


The Journey Thus Far


Julie: I founded This Way as an extension of my travel blog and work in fashion. I was a travel blogger for 7 years. And I have fashion experience from my work in fashion PR and -magazine and together with my work as a model and a master degree in communication and IT from Copenhagen Business School I knew I wanted to start my own thing.
I have always been inspired by traveling, meeting new people, exploring new cultures, etc. I get such a rush and boost of energy when I travel and explore something new.
So starting a travel brand was very natural to me and also the fact that there are no other travel brand out there made it more unique.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Julie: When designing and developing new pieces for my travel brand I look into what I need when I travel. I wanted to create a high end and sustainable travel collection where we constantly add on more products.
My first product I knew I wanted to create was our compression socks and sunscreens. Compression socks are vital for traveling to keep your blood circulation flowing. My mother since the age of 18 which was when I started to travel a lot gave me some ugly compression socks and since then I knew I needed to make my own because very few companies make them.
Our sunscreens are also vey essential to the brand. They took me 2 years to develop and I am very proud of the outcome. They are vegan, cruelty free, and made of natural ingredients. Even the tubes are made of eco certified plastic. The sunscreen are designed to make your skin soft and protect it from the sun while hydration your skin. I have always had problems finding sunscreens as I tend to see that all the sunscreens I have tried make my skin break out.


The Impact of Social Media


Julie: Digital media is a huge part of our business. It is important to have some different platforms to connect with consumers. We use Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and we like to connect with consumers and retailers there.
Also, a lot of our sales comes from social media.


The Brand 5 Years From Now


Julie: I see This Way a world known travel brand where you can purchase our extended collection of beautiful travel products as well as book your next vacation. I want to make This Way a booking platform for hotels, restaurants, spa, flight, etc. and be a travel concierge.
The aim of This Way is to inspire people to travel and give full support to make this happen.
Our philosophy is that “Travel is a human right”. We would like to support all aspects of travelign for consumers so you have both products, travel guides, a booking system, and a travel concierge at hand.
And then to work with hotels around the work who wants to stock This Way products at their hotels and spas and villas.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Julie: Don’t give up. Believe in yourself and only listen to people you admire or are philosophically aligned with.


This Way

Photo: Courtesy of This Way



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