Amanqi Minutes: Helena Bajaj-Larsen


This new talent on the block is not to be underestimated.


As both art & fashion lovers, we’re always excited to see a combination of both being channelled into ready-to-wear, and with designer Helena Bajaj-Larsen‘s eponymous collection we get just that. This new talent on the block is not to be underestimated. Her impressive design flair & innate artistic abilities make each one of her pieces a highly covetable ‘must-have’. With a degree from the esteemed Parsons & several accolades to her name, we sat down with Helena to discuss her lifestyle essentials, favourite music & the women who inspire her.


Your #QOTD of Everyday: Treat people the way you want to be treated!  |

The Advice You Live By: Failing is not an option – you have to make things work one way or the other.  |

Off-Duty Look: Skinny black jeans, long cardigan, sleek jewellery.  |

Favourite Workout: Does lifting a fork full of pasta count?  |

This Season’s Lip Colour: Always the same since I was a teenager – Dark red.  |

Middle-Eastern Designer You Love: All Things Mochi |

Favourite Vacation Destination: Peru |

| Ideal Holiday: Somewhere I have never been that combines amazing textural landscapes, rich history and also cool cities with fun restaurants and bars. |

One Word That Describes You: Curious |

Last Book That You Read: ‘Sharp Objects’ |

The Ultimate Pair of Sneakers: None – I never wear sneakers outside of a gym! |

Style Icon: Pari Ehsan |


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