Amanqi Minutes: Tamara Farra


Dubai & Beirut-based influencer Tamara Farra, is major #StyleGoals.


Combining an effortless aesthetic with an unparalleled chicness, Dubai & Beirut-based influencer Tamara Farra, is major #StyleGoals. Constantly bringing forward her fine sartorial taste through her social media and blog curation, this is one style personality we’re constantly following. With creative talent and a vibrant personality, we sat down with Tamara to discuss her lifestyle essentials, favourite music & the women who inspire her.


The Favourite Workout: There is nothing like a nice jog before the sun sets with a beautiful scenery. |

Your #QOTD of Everyday: Failure is opportunity in disguise! Always work the hardest to achieve your dream goal no matter what setback comes your way. |

The Advice You Live By: People often get caught up in fame and forget what success is all about. Success for me begins the moment I make a difference in someone’s life. A fine line lies between being famous and being successful but I for one strive for success not for fame. Being able to acknowledge that in our time is what I am most proud of. |

Who Inspires You The Most: I think my answer here would be more of a “what” inspires me most. When it comes to my wardrobe I must say my shoes. I tend to chose them before my clothes.
When it comes to my life I must say Oprah Winfrey. |

Off-Duty Look: I’m always dressed like I’m on duty. I refuse to wear joggers. |

This Season’s Lip Colour: Gloss, Gloss, Gloss! With a natural tone underneath. |

Middle-Eastern Designer You Love: Nour Hammour |

Last Song You Heard: Do You Wanna Funk – Patrick Cowley (Ft Sylvester) |

Ideal Holiday: An exotic place with lots of physical activities. I’m an adventurous girl and love to get my adrenaline pumped.
Funnily enough, I also love the city, especially a SHOPPING one. I Love discovering new brands. My favourite places to shop are from unknown designers from super random places all over the world. |

One Word That Describes You: Transparent |

Last Book That You Read: Stop Thinking Start Living |

The Ultimate Pair of Sneakers: Balenciaga Triple S |

Style Icon: Rihanna is the street style cool girl who always brings the element of surprise in her looks. She manages to rock the urban look from head to toe one day and the next, she goes super chic, all whilst maintain her edge. |


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