Amanqi Minutes: Tania Haddad


Tania Haddad of label Tania George Designs is the epitome of cool.


Imbibing an effortless design aesthetic and bringing together a streetstyle edge with an understated timelessness, Tania Haddad of label Tania George Designs is the epitome of cool. A fabulous designer and an artistic talent, we sat down with Tania to discuss her lifestyle essentials, favourite music & the women who inspire her.



| The Favourite Workout: I’m too lazy to work out, but I’d pick yoga if I had to. |

| Your #QOTD of Everyday: Not my circus, not my monkeys. |

| The Advice You Live By: Be Genuine |

| Who Inspires You The Most: My friends around me. To name a few – Zein Majali (@zmajali), Basil Karrouhat (@karrouhat), Mohammad Tayyeb (@elshab_elauthentic),  Mohammad Zakaria (@_zkria), Alasdair Russell (@shitbyalasdair), Elena Gatsenko (@elenalunary), Teresa Mereu (@teresaem_), Omar Shaheen (@omarsha3), Miramar (@miramar.mohd) & many more. |

| Off-Duty Look: I  always dress like I’m off-duty. Jallabeh doesn’t sound bad at all! |

| This Season’s Lip Colour: Lipstick doesn’t suit me – always go natural. |

| The Last Thing You Purchased: A ‘Berber’ rug and a golden ring from the 60s from a cute antique place. |

| Last Song You Heard: ‘Udi Baba’ by Asha Bhosle – Such a fun song, I can’t stop dancing to it |

| Ideal Holiday:  Tunis is amazing – Chill, sea, sun, good vibes & good music. |

| One Word That Describes You: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious |

| Last Book That You Read: It’s been a while since I read a book but I t was “I’ll eat when I’m dead” |

| The Ultimate Pair of Sneakers: I can’t stop wearing my dr. Martens tassel loafers, I think they win over any sneakers  |

Style Icon: My aunt Nivin in the 90s |



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