#AmanqiLoves: 4Lara


The summer season is flourishing in full force and we can already feel the sweltering heat and warmth of the sunshine in certain cities. With that being said, we’ve recently come across a contemporary luxury, resortwear label that we are obsessed with 4Lara. Imbibing the ease of summer and an unparalleled elegance, this brand has been our ‘go-to’ for all things sartorially summer this season. Intrigued by the brand’s journey, we sat down with the 4Lara team to discuss all things fashion, the brand and creating garments people covet.




Photo: Courtesy of 4Lara

The Journey Thus Far


Team 4Lara: My love for summer, the colours of the season, the feeling of endless days and the unique stories that take shape during this time are what first inspired me. I wanted my clothes to be part of every woman’s special summer adventure whether this be a bout of summer love or the start of something big!


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Team 4Lara: I look to be immersed by locations where the architecture, texture and colour is characteristic. I was enthralled by the beauty of Marrakesh a few years ago and this year it was the blue and white tiles of Porto.


A Usual Day in Your Life


Team 4Lara: No day is the same and I love it that way! My daily non negotiable is a tall glass of celery juice, I swear by it!


The Brand 5 Years From Now


Team 4Lara: In all of your summer wardrobes!


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Team 4Lara: Patience and dedication without a doubt are key. If you are passionate about starting out don’t let others put you down, when there’s a will there’s a way.



Photo: Courtesy of 4Lara



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