#AmanqiLoves: Adelina Casini


Nostalgia in fashion is something we often witness and there’s nothing we love more than a bit of vintage to add to our wardrobe. With our latest brand crush, Adelina Casini, we get exactly that. This womenswear label draws inspiration from the 1950s, incorporating sublime feminine silhouettes & unparalleled tailoring, resulting in figure-flattering pieces that our highly covetable wardrobe essentials. Intrigued by the label’s ethos, we sat down with the creative director of Adelina Casini, Sara ‘Sayde’ Scarlett to discuss the label’s journey, the impact of social media & the insider tip for aspiring designers.



Adelina Casini

Photo: Courtesy of Adelina Casini

The Adelina Casini Journey


Sara:I never initially saw myself as someone who would ever work in the fashion industry despite always loving fashion and beauty. It just wasn’t initially on my radar as a career choice. I’ve always been a little obsessed with vintage fashion, particularly the fashion of the 1950s, and the whole Dior New Look aesthetic.

 I did not love the show Mad Men because of the way women are treated, but I kept making myself watch because of the gorgeous clothing. I even have several vintage sewing patterns from the era. There’s one pale yellow shirtwaister that Betty Draper wears and I just wished I owned it.

 Though I’ve often felt that from a clothes perspective I was born in the wrong decade, the first time it occurred to me that I should start my own clothing company was about two years ago. I was walking around Dubai Mall and I couldn’t find a single 100% cotton sundress. Polyester is not the best fabric to wear in the humidity. I was craving a comfortable, feminine look that flattered my figure and wasn’t too revealing or casual.

 With no one enticing me to hand over my money in the mall, I went online and still couldn’t find what I was looking for. Vintage shops online tend to cater more to rockabilly, pin-up and even fetish types. Though I love those looks, they’re evening or party looks not vintage daywear.

 And so, out of this desire for daywear with classic silhouettes, luxurious natural materials and tasteful patterns, Adelina Casini was born.

 The journey has been a challenge, but whenever anyone sees the clothes in real life – not just online – the quality of the tailoring and simple beauty of the clothing never fails to impress. That makes it all worth while.


The Many Sources of Inspiration 


Sara: I pay a lot of attention to vintage catalogues from the era and I also look at the types of dress vintage fashion lovers are recreating on Instagram.

 I find a lot of the styles and tailoring from that era are timeless but often the printed patterns and fabric are not. Using the old silhouettes with modern colours and patterns always creates something beautiful.


The Impact of Social Media


Sara:I enjoy social media and we use it as a tool, however, I think it’s wise to have realistic expectations of what it can do. What matters is getting your clothes to the people who want them and it’s great that social media exists as another way to do that, but I’m always aware it’s not the only tool.


Adelina Casini

Photo: Courtesy of Adelina Casini

A Usual Day in Team Adelina Casini’s Life


Sara: Right now we’re preparing for next season whilst still fulfilling orders from our online store.

 The next season is completed from a design POV, however, I’m still working on the logistics of manufacturing and fabric supply.


The ‘Go-To’ Season Essential


Sara: My go-to season essential is a cropped cardigan that I can use when it gets too chilly. I have them in several colours because I like to dress in layers and it complements the silhouette of the A-Line dresses.


The Insider Tip to Aspiring Designers


Sara: My advice would be to create a demand before you start selling or manufacturing the clothes. If you can sell your clothes on the basis of the samples and the photographs before you have them made you’ll be fine. If you can’t, you may be in trouble.


Adelina Casini

Photo: Courtesy of Adelina Casini



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