#AmanqiLoves: Adriana Chede


With the holiday season almost upon us, we’re currently majorly crushing on some jewellery labels that we can add to our accessories drawer. Amongst the labels on our radar, we’re obsessed with Adriana Chede. This London-based eponymous label is dedicated to craftsmanship, immaculate detailing and quality. With stunning designs & a passion for jewellery, Adriana’s creations are exactly what you need this holiday season. Intrigued by the label’s journey and ethos, we sat down with the designer to discuss all things jewellery, her sources of inspiration and her insider tip for aspiring designers.



Adriana Chede

Photo: Courtesy of Renata Chede


The Journey Thus Far


Adriana: I was only 12 when I started putting together some beads to make necklaces and bracelets, then when I turned 16 years old I decided that I wanted to be a jewellery designer and started my design and jewellery making courses. I have always been driven by passion, it’s really what I love to do. I’ve travelled a lot, studying and working for other jewellers around the world but finally found my place to be, in London.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Adriana: It is mainly affected by what I’m living at the moment when I’m designing the collection. It is usually something related to changes, cause I have changed a lot countries and cities. But my focus is on women and how we – in our multitasking days – need jewellery to be versatile and empower ourselves, all in the most minimalist and delicate way.


A Usual Day in Adriana’s Life


Adriana: Hectic! haha Again it depends on the phase I’m living. If I am in creation phases, then I’m mostly at the atelier. But if I have pop-up shops or events happening there is a lot to do. So I’m out of office a lot, just going to suppliers, meeting clients, sourcing etc. But most of my days there is time for sports, good food and either relaxing podcasts or energising music!


Adriana Chede

Photo: Courtesy of Renata Chede


The Impact of Social Media


Adriana: Social media has given the brand a lot of exposure and it’s a good channel to meet new people from all aorund the globe, clients and build a nice profile with beautiful imagery. It’s also a good place to show to the world wo we are and what we do.


The Future of the Label


Adriana: My dream has always been to have a (Pinterest looking) atelier, with a big room for creative tasks and the best team happily working together.
II see the brand growing towards a more sustainable fashion and have Adriana Chede JWLRY selling in the best design boutiques in the world.
Keep on doing bespoke pieces and telling a story with every piece designed.
It’s super feasible, right?


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Adriana:  Well, it hasn’t always been easy. It’s a fast changing market, and loads of competition. But as a designer and entrepreneur I think we have to listen to our inner voice and sometimes learn from the mistakes.
Meet people all the time, do a lot of networking and exchange experiences and ideas – it helps a lot!
Beside that I have only to say that if it’s a passion, build a plan, organise and go, full speed. Little by little we are all gonna get there.


Adriana Chede

Photo: Courtesy of Renata Chede



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