#AmanqiLoves: Lebrusan Studio


There’s something about the combination of sustainability and jewellery design which always excites us. Bringing together two of our favourite elements in one label, our latest jewellery crush, Arabel Lebrusan, is our new accessory ‘go-to’. Combining ethical sourcing with intricate designs, this is one label that instantly won our hearts. Excited to discover more about the eponymous brand, we sat down with the designer herself. Here’s a sneak peak into our conversation.



Arabel Lebrusan

Photo: Courtesy of Arabel Lebrusan


The Arabel Journey Thus Far


Arabel: I spent my twenties working around the world as a fashion jewellery designer and seeing the ins and outs of production lines. This was a life-changing insight on the impact of non-ethical practices on the environment, workers and communities. It was that moment when I decided to start my own jewellery line, bringing ethical jewellery to jewellery lovers. It has been almost a decade since then and now the brand is going from strength to strength from our small studio in Brighton.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Arabel: Art and Heritage combined with the current trends in fashion are my main inspirations when I sit down to create. I can spend ours looking at old master paintings and wandering round museums and art galleries. Traditional craftsmanship is one of my passions, hence the use of Spanish filigree in my designs. You can see the combination of old and new threaded throughout all of my work.


A Usual Day in Arabel’s Life


Arabel: As a mum and entrepreneur, I wake up on a mission: get everything ready for the day, school drop off and first morning calls. The girls come into the studio (Kim, my production manager and Grace, my digital editor) and we all get on with any urgent requests. Then I try to block some time out to work on the new collections.No day is ever the same, which I love!


Arabel Lebrusan

Photo: Courtesy of Arabel Lebrusan


The Impact of Social Media


Arabel: A lot, a lot, a lot! As an online brand, social media is a great part of what we do everyday and it has allowed us to reach many more people and customers directly. We can show the ins and outs of the business in a much more informal way and add some personality to it. Our website is our formal shop, while social media is our playground. J


Merging Sustainability With Design


Arabel: Sustainability has been at the core of the collections from the very beginning. We work with ethical materials, like Fairtrade Gold and 100% recycled silver and we always make sure our gemstones come from countries where mining is regulated. This can be limiting at times, as I have a limited supply of gemstones/colours to work with, but who says designs cannot thrive when adding in some limitations!


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Arabel: Always keep true to yourself. Always work with your uniqueness and never give up. It’s a long-distance race, not a fast track one! Work hard and enjoying the amazing journey, it’s totally worth it.


Arabel Lebrusan

Photo: Courtesy of Arabel Lebrusan



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