#AmanqiLoves: Aushyra by NK


One of the most exciting elements to our work at The Amanqi Edit is we get to continuously discover incredible individuals, innovators and designers; who are changing the way we perceive fashion and design. One such individual is the creative and talented Nausheen behind the contemporary luxury label, Aushyra by NK. Imbibing an unparalleled chicness into her UK-based label, each of the Aushyra pieces are aesthetically stunning, immaculately designed and handcrafted to perfection.

Intrigued by the brand’s ethos and inventiveness, we sat down with Nausheen to discuss her journey, her sources of inspiration and the future of her design label.




Photo: Courtesy of Aushyra


The Brand Journey Thus Far


Nausheen: While my academic background is in Business Management, (I have studied my Masters in International Business & Marketing and Cross Cultural Communication) I have always had a keen interest in fashion and this translated into the next level when I began to design outfits for my friends at their request. I thoroughly enjoyed this process and the positive and exciting feedback I received for my designs inspired me to learn more about fashion design and to work towards starting my own label. I did lots of research and I also took some insightful courses at the London College of Fashion, the Dubai Design District, and the University of Edinburgh, in order to broaden my knowledge of the subject. After a year of intensive research and planning, I went on to take the big step to launch Aushyra!

The journey since Aushyra’s launch has definitely been a very exciting one. However, I truly believe that talking about our journey would be incomplete without mentioning those who work behind the scenes to help bring each Aushyra design to life! I am so very thankful to each member of Team Aushyra!


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Nausheen: Having spent much of my childhood in the English Lake District, I draw a lot of inspiration from nature. I also absolutely love to travel; whether it’s visiting new places or experiencing different cultures, travel really helps me to be at my creative best!



Photo: Courtesy of Aushyra


A Usual Day in Team Aushyra’s Life Like


Nausheen:  As we have recently launched the brand, each day is exciting and so very different to the other! There is a lot of multitasking, which includes meetings with suppliers and clients, marketing meetings, working on sampling with the team.. And of course, creative afternoons (with lots of coffee!) spent on developing our new collections, are my most favourite parts of the day!


The Brand 5 Years From Now


Nausheen:  My hope and aim for the next few years is to further increase Aushyra’s reach globally.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Nausheen: It is so important to listen to your heart and believe in yourself; if you believe you can do it, you most certainly can!



Photo: Courtesy of Aushyra



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