#AmanqiLoves: Cinta The Label


This week marks the UK launch of one of our current favourite brand crushes – Cinta the Label. Established by the super talented Amy Sturgis, this contemporary luxury label focuses on combining Amy’s Spanish childhood vacations with a modern twist for an ultimate line-up of wardrobe essentials. From statement separates to silky kimono dresses, these are the pieces that will instantly up the oomph factor of any #OOTD. Intrigued by the brand’s journey and it’s upcoming launch, we sat down with Amy to discuss all things style and the process of launching your own label.



Cinta the Label

Photo: Courtesy of Cinta the Label


The Cinta the Label Journey


Amy: I have been in the industry and always wanted to put my knowledge into a concept which was truly my vision. In terms of the design, I grew up spending a lot of time in Spain as that is where my Grandpa resided, who I was really close to. He was so creative and always told me the the best stories which is where I got my creative flare from; we spent hours watching the Flamenco dancers in a tiny square which is where I got the idea of combining the ribbon on their dresses with feminine silhouettes and silk. It’s a strange journey – I am very used to focusing on other people so sometimes I find it hard to think Cinta is mine, but as it grows I’m learning and getting more and more used to it. Very excited to show you the next collection.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Amy: When I came up with the concept of Cinta The Label , I wanted to create a very clear aesthetic which we would be known for. The pieces will always be silk/satin and stay like this for seasons to come. The prints are where I source inspiration; they reflect the part of my life which I going through at the time. My first collection reflects where I am right now. The ‘Taurus’ print is inspired by my very own star sign constellation and its learnings. ‘Cosmic Love’ came to me because I believe opportunities and people are meant to be unite organically – we shouldn’t have to push something or someone to love us, it should happen naturally making it a magic connection, and the ‘Rainbow’ because ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ by Eva Cassidy is one of my personal favourite tunes. The new prints for FW19 which we are currently working on signify a very personal shift into learning about self love, and I hope are going to be powerful – we are still in the process and I am quite nervous about the outcome. The only one I’m not scared about is the Limpet print which is inspired by my little sister, Lara – we called her a Limpet as she grew up because she was literally attached to my father, who we all admire deeply.


The Impact of Social Media


Amy: You know what, I am being ultimately crap on social right now because we don’t drop until mid December and I am in limbo in terms on content, however in all sincerity it impacted the launch massively. I had some of my influencer friends at the launch and they created a huge amount of buzz which I am very grateful for. I am currently pausing on that activity until the product is on the site and ready to sell, otherwise from a business prospective we will not see the real impact.


Cinta the Label

Photo: Courtesy of Cinta the Label


Amy’s New Season Closet Essential


Amy: I am such a boot lover, so I have a new pair of Fabrizio Viti boots which I can’t stop wearing. I’m wearing a lot of this with the Cinta slip dress and a warm knit roll neck underneath.


Amy’s Favourite Cinta Styling


Amy: I personally love wearing them with converse or an espadrille – very Spanish. I think they speak for themselves. If I go out, I will put on a denim or leather jacket and a pair of statement earrings.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Amy: Go with your heart and do not overthink it; there will always be haters. Hustle, really hustle and if you REALLY want it you will do what it takes to get to where you want to be! Lastly, take advice from brands, friends, family and people you look up to – don’t be afraid to reach out and listen.


Cinta the Label

Photo: Courtesy of Cinta the Label



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