#AmanqiLoves: Cornelia Webb


It comes as no surprise to regular Amanqi followers that Team Amanqi is a group of jewellery loving individuals (honestly, our obsession is kind of getting out of hand). Thus, when last year we discovered jewellery talent Cornelia Webb, we were no short of  overjoyed – after all, it isn’t everyday that you stumble across a jewellery label that creates exciting, yet timelessly elegant jewellery pieces.

Intrigued by the designer’s journey, her eponymous label and how she looks for new sources of inspiration, we sat down with Cornelia Webb to talk all things jewellery.



Cornelia Webb

Photo: Courtesy of Cornelia Webb


The Journey Thus Far


Cornelia: At first, creating jewellery was just my creative outlet while studying medicine, but then I realised that I was actually doing something that was not on the market and I decided to explore that path curiously without any pressure or set goals.

To me, that was the best starting point to the journey. I could go with it and follow whatever came my way instead of holding too hard in the steering wheel. And it has truly been an amazing journey, that has developed me on a daily basis. Success and setbacks are both exciting to me as they force you to stay on a developing path.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Cornelia: It’s always the raw material that sparks my interest, a sheet of metal, a stone, a shell, or a chain. Then that is transformed into something else though my filter that reflects where I am at that specific point in life.


Cornelia Webb

Photo: Courtesy of Cornelia Webb


 An Usual Day with Team Cornelia Webb


Cornelia: We are a small team and that makes us flexible and fast, which is really fun. So we usually start off the day with a short meeting of what was planned, what new opportunities or situations have appeared and how or if to re-prioritize. Then we jump on the storm and get shit done. We are on such a fast-developing path at the moment, that we hardly sit down and we are very open to letting everyone work from their happy space. We are spread out in the middle of the countryside, Italy, Canada, etc, so we hang out digitally and the company never really sleeps.


The Brand 5 Years From Now


Cornelia: In the same kind of inspiring developing space, but not defined or limited by the walls of the jewellery box.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designer


Cornelia: To invest in your team, you will not succeed without them. And to early on, before you can even build a team, define your “trust people”, the ones that you bounce ideas with, the ones you go to when you need to find clarity. This group needs to be on your side and want your best, no matter how big you are you will always need to ask for support, answers and opinions. You want to make sure you ask the right people.


Cornelia Webb

Photo: Courtesy of Cornelia Webb



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