#AmanqiLoves: Couvélie


There’s nothing more exciting than discovering a new brand which is brining something exciting to the fashion scene. With our latest brand crush, Couvélie, we’ve found excellent craftsmanship, an unparalleled aesthetic and a subtle flair of grace (which we’re honestly obsessed with). Established by the talented Anahita Pradhan, this corset-specialist label has been gaining a top spot on our new season wish lists. Intrigued by Anahita’s journey, we sat down with the design extraordinaire to discuss all things fashion, her journey and the wonderful world of corsets.




Photo: Courtesy of Couvélie


The Journey Thus Far


Anahita: Someone told me not to wear a corset once because of fear of what others would say. I thought about why there was such a taboo around corsets, and I realised that corsets are over-sexualised and most people associate corsets with lingerie and lycra. That ignited a fire in me, to create corsets which were un-debatably classy, elegant, and timeless. After all, they are just structured tops, which show off the female form.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Anahita: I get my energy thinking up new embroideries and silhouettes which bring out the form of a woman. I always start with a body shape in mind, and ideate, draw and experiment with seam-lines, embroideries and colours which I think would really flatter the body in the best way possible.


The Impact of Social Media


Anahita: Social media has been hugely helpful in engaging with women who wouldn’t have been exposed to the brand otherwise. It also helps women visualise how classy a corset could look, when worn the right way. We also get a lot of interest for booking personal fittings through Instagram, which has been great.


An Usual Day in Anahita’s Life


Anahita: There is no such thing! But I’ll give you a snapshot of Saturday. I started with a ginger tea and then went on to picking roses for The Bridelux Atelier Show (@brideluxofficial). I then went for a quick swim (so important to take that little time out for yourself) and then travelled to the St. James’s showroom where two young ladies had booked in for a private viewing and fitting. We tried on various corsets together to find the best silhouette and embroidery for their frame, and found just the perfect ones! I bid them farewell and then went for a model-fitting (to test my new collection of corsets which comes out at Bridelux). I finished with dinner with family and coding for Couvélie’s website, which is also coming soon. Crazy day!


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Anahita: Find the best team to work with – so important to have people who understand your vision and can seam and embroider with real experience. Other than that, buckle up and get ready for one hell of a ride!



Photo: Courtesy of Couvélie


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