#AmanqiLoves: Culthread


Although new brands always excite us, we’ve recently been on a mission to not only find fresh, new brands, but search for labels that bring to the forefront a more sustainable and ethical approach to fashion. We’ve found the perfect balance of this combination with London-based label, Culthread. Creating vegan, cruelty-free, 100% recycled jackets, Culthread combines impeccable design with a dedication to social responsibility. Intrigued by the brand’s ability to bring together design and sustainability, we sat down with designer Rina Einy to discuss her journey and what inspires her.




Photo: Courtest of Culthread


The Journey Thus Far


Rina:  I had SO many coats in my wardrobe, yet I could never find the perfect one to wear in terms of functionality, look and my core values. All of them were doomed by often several of the following problems – they had real fur (which I was no longer ok with); were hoodless; didn’t have adequate pockets; weren’t warm enough; were exactly the same as EVERYONE else was wearing; they looked boring, and so on. So I decided to create my own! The journey has been both tough and exciting, and I’m loving every minute.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Rina:  Culthreads have to look gorgeous but remain highly functional and wearable, so I am always thinking about how to create that special Culthread look without compromising on the necessary functionality such as inside and outside pockets; supreme comfort; complete warmth without the coat becoming too bulky; and a hood that stays on and keeps you warm and dry. As Culthreads are 100% vegan, and made from 100% recycled fabrics and insulation whenever possible, I am always on the lookout for new recycled fabrics and the highest quality faux-fur. I like talking to women about what outerwear they like and why, about what makes them feel fantastic and empowered. Women themselves are my greatest source of inspiration.



Photo: Courtesy of Culthread


An Usual Day in Team Culthread’s Life


Rina:  There is no usual day! Some days it’s about frantic calls to suppliers, other days it can be about brainstorming with my marketing team at Creative Agency London, or attending major industry events such as Premier Vision in Paris.


5 Years From Now


Rina:  I would be happy if my customers are still enjoying their 5-year old Culthreads, and will add to their Culthread collection whenever they feel like buying a new coat. I also hope that I will start running out of cool London areas to name my new model coats after, as each new model is inspired by the vibe of an area of London that is special to me!


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Rina: People will offer you a lot of advice, and some of it will be negative – hear it all, but be strong enough to only take on board the advice that is going to move you onwards and upwards.



Photo: Courtesy of Culthread



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