We often do not talk about childrenswear on Amanqi, however when we do find a cute childrenswear brand that combines design with craftsmanship and textile skill, we are excited. Such is the case with our current favourite label, Eirene. Designed by the talented Irene, Eirene gives a new flavour to traditional dresses and outfits for our younger girls. Vibrant and chic, the designs mirror luxury at its best. Intrigued by the brand’s ethos and niche, we sat down with Irene to discuss her journey, all things childrenswear and fashion.




Photo: Courtesy of Eirene

The Brand Journey Thus Far


Irene: My journey started with EIRENE Studio’s very first collection. I always had passion for kidswear and that was just the right time for me to fight my fears and start creating. The journey has been so exciting so far – creating a brand from the very first beginning and seeing it grow is like growing a child. It is all in your hands – with love, patience and determination you can grow something that you can later be proud of.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Irene: Every season we draw inspiration from everything that surrounds us – from art to new and upcoming trends. We try and create beautiful designs inspired by the innocence and delicacy of our young clients. Here at Eirene, we really love the natural beauty of little girls, their purity  and innocence and this is what inspires us the most. We start from that and always try to do the best to highlight it in the best way. With every collection we find inspiration in childish themes, but mostly in beautiful flowers and combinations of them in the embroidered laces and custom prints, which is our brand signature. Also, we always match the fabrics and prints with amazing hand embellishments that are done especially for our styles and take hours to make and we put a heart and soul in them, but in the end when we see the reactions and appreciation of our little clients who look like princesses this is the real inspiration.


A Usual Day in Irene’s Life


Irene: Every day in the studio is different. We start my day with positive thoughts and always with a cup of coffee! My team and I like to plan the day ahead and we kick off with a morning brief. Then everyone continues with their tasks, while I continue with the meetings with clients, buyers, stylist always striving for becoming better and better at what we do. 


The Impact of Social Media


Irene: Social media especially Instagram have huge influence on the brand development as in this way we are in contact with all our fans around the world and we gain better exposure, build customer awareness and brand recognition.


The Brand 5 Years From Now


Irene: We keep our standards pretty high and we work hard for them, so with no doubt I would say that we have very big plans for expanding the brand. That’s all I can say for now because otherwise you won’t be surprised!


An Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Irene: Be consistent, creative, hard-working, enthusiastic, don’t be afraid to experiment, try to learn and understand all the aspects of the fashion – not only design but also sales, marketing, production. The good designer must be aware of all the components of the work as the design is only 20% of creating a fashion brand. And never give up – it takes years to establish a brand, so one needs to make sure that is mentally and financially ready to go through these years of hard-work that will eventually pay off.



Photo: Courtesy of Eirene


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