#AmanqiLoves: Farah Asmar


It’s not very often that we come across a handbag brand that instantly captures our attention, but with accessory design Farah Asmar‘s eponymous label, we were immediately enthralled with the designer’s sublime aesthetic, vivid colour palette & subtle nuances. Whether it’s her ‘Mini Steffany Tote‘ (definitely a ‘must-have’ this season) or ‘Calypso Top Handle‘, Farah has the handbag category completely covered. Intrigued by the designer’s journey, elegant handbags & brand aesthetic, we decided to sit down with Farah to discuss all things accessories.



Farah Asmar

Photo: Courtesy of Farah Asmar


The Farah Asmar Journey


Farah: I have been sketching since I was 6 years old; my mom use to collect my illustrations and kept them in a file. I always knew I was into fashion and wanted to study it.
After graduating in graphic design and working in advertising, I knew I was still unfulfilled and felt I needed much more to pursue my dream, so I studied fashion design at Istituto Marangoni in London. After that I started working in the fashion industry (publications and retail), till I felt I wanted to do pure design so I went for handbags since I interned with a handbag designer and saw the challenges.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Farah: Anything can inspire me from travel to architecture to the people I meet. Trends are also implemented when going through the design phase.


The Impact of Social Media


Farah: Social media is the presence of any brand; it shows all strengths and exposure. It’s kind of the new Google/search tool to discover brands. We get to communicate with our customers directly and build a long term relationship resulting in loyal customers. We also get a lot of opportunities through social media handles.

Farah Asmar

Photo: Courtesy of Farah Asmar

A Usual Day in Farah’s Life


Farah: Everyday is a new day; it’s kind of a one man show with a lot of outsourcing so I get to meet a lot of talents and advise on running the business. My favourite part is going through choosing the colours and textures for the new season and implementing them on the designs.

The Favourite Farah Asmar Styling Technique


Farah: Everyone is an individual; I love receiving pictures from our customers and their take on our handbags.


The Closet Essentials & Seasonal ‘Must-Haves’


Farah: Bucket bags are on-trend at the moment so we have the ‘Leia’. Backpacks are travel essentials and for that we have created the ‘Luna’, in addition to mini top handles fitting summer nights for which we have the mini ‘Nova’. There’s also the all time best seller the mini ‘Anabella’, which we have been developing over the seasons featuring a belt bag in addition to other ways of carrying it.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Farah: You will rise and fall, the ups can always be high and the downs can take you down the drain. The key is to never give up, believe in yourself, surround yourself by creative minds, and be open to opportunities of collaborations, new ideas and opinions. yet have your own DNA. At the end of the day you are setting a style and delivering a message.

Farah Asmar

Photo: Courtesy of Farah Asmar

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