#AmanqiLoves: Harmesh Jewellery


At our recently held The Ramadan Pop Up by The Amanqi Edit, we were able to discover and exhibit the work of talented Dubai-based label, Harmesh Jewellery. Dedicated to creating wearable yet versatile jewel treasures, Harmesh Jewellery has been at the forefront of redefining contemporary yet luxurious accessory pieces for your jewellery drawer. From gold bangles to diamond-encrusted pendants, these are the ‘must-have’ assets every wardrobe needs. With so much to offer, we sat down with the designer Eman to discuss her journey, her many sources of inspiration and what it takes to be a jewellery designer in Dubai’s fashion market.



Harmesh Jewellery

Photo: Courtesy of Harmesh Jewellery


The Harmesh Jewellery Journey


Eman: As a child I use to see my mother, elder sisters and aunts wearing different traditional pieces of pure gold accompanied by beautiful jellabiyas. As, I grew up ,I also started wearing jewellery but it was more contemporary and edgy that’s where I decided to launch a label with modern designs keeping in mind todays women.
My journey so far with Harmesh is good bit challenging but good.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Eman: Initially, when I was designing my first collection, I took inspiration from my mother’s collection – the pieces which were gifted to her by my grandmother on her wedding.
The collection is very close to my heart and has a great emotional value. For other two collections I was looking at our culture and heritage keeping in mind 21st century working women. Something she can wear daily with an effortless style and elegance.
I also travel and read a lot so keep on getting new ideas and inspirations.


An Usual Day in Team Harmesh’s Life

Eman: Well, I come to head office around 10:30pm – we have a quick team meeting where we discuss and plan our day ahead. Later,I leave for my factory and spend the day their working on different orders and looking for new designs.

The Brand 5 Years From Now


Eman: I see Harmesh expanding in UAE along with other GCC countries focusing on building a brand which is popular among todays generation for its contemporary designs, high quality work and style.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designer


Eman: I am still learning but I would say hard work, dedication and quality of work will


Harmesh Jewellery

Photo: Courtesy of Harmesh Jewellery


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