#AmanqiLoves: HISSA


Earlier last year, we had the privilege of discovering an incredible shoe brand, HISSA. To say we’ve been obsessed since then is an understatement. Bringing together an understated classiness and impeccable craftsmanship, HISSA’s shoes are perfect for every occasion. Designed by the talented Hissa Hadddad, we sat down with the designer to discover her many sources of inspiration, her journey and what it takes to be a designer in today’s time.




Photo: Courtesy of HISSA

The Journey Thus Far


Hissa: I wanted to create a footwear brand that is inspired by the Arabic culture, a brand that has it’s own identity to reflect the depth of our culture. Many international designers showed collections that were inspired by Arabic/Islamic designs however it was missing that specific touch.

The journey were not that easy to take the brand into the international level and be part of fashion weeks for each season. However, me and my team are enjoying this journey and looking forward to expanding the brand.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Hissa: The basic inspiration is the woman I am looking to design for. I just think of her personality what would she wear and what will make her feel confident.


The Impact of Social Media


Hissa: Social Media has supported the marketing and exposure of the brand. It also helped us to show our customers our journey for the development of new collections, samples and production.

Social media is becoming an essential to promote brands and expand the customers base. It is also useful to receive feedback from customers and interact with them.



Photo: Courtesy of HISSA

An Usual Day in Hissa’s Life


Hissa: I wake up early morning to start my day in office with my full time job. After I finish my working hours I start the work on the brand. Depending on the amount of work to be completed within the day I add time for the gym and reading as this is those are my own space to relax. Within all of that I do dedicate dinner time to be spent with the family.


The Favourite Styling Tip


Hissa: From my point of view I would wear the shoes all day long from morning till night. I love combining it with simple clothing whether its formal for office, short dress or evening dress. I love to say that the shoes is the whole outfit accessorise.


The Closet Essentials


Hissa: If she means my closet:

For summer/spring: I love jeans, white blouses and sunglasses.

For Autumn/winter: I look into knitwear and coats.

During each season I love to wear form the surroundings colours rather than the trading seasonal colours.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Hissa: Believing in what I am doing loving it and enjoying the journey regardless of how tough it is.



Photo: Courtesy of HISSA



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