#AmanqiLoves: Marina Raphael


When it comes to sophistication and elegance, the eponymous brand Marina Raphael‘s young and contemporary aesthetic is what we love, so we decided to sit down and have a chat with the incredible creator behind the brand. We found ourselves falling in love with the FW20 collection which speaks subtlety and uniqueness; adorned with intricate Swarovski detailing and focusing on bold structures.



Marina Raphael

Photo: Courtesy of Marina Raphael

The Journey Thus Far


Marina: I am very lucky to have strong, and confident women in my family, who have been my role models growing up. These are the women who inspired me to start this brand, and when I design, I aspire to make every woman wearing my bags exude the same confident energy that they do.
Of course starting a business is never easy, but I have always liked pursuing challenging ideas. I have enjoyed every minute of this journey that I started about 1.5 years ago, and of course having an incredible team who believe in my vision, extremely supportive friends and family, made all of this possible.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Marina: Nature is definitely one of my biggest sources of inspiration as I love spending time outside. I also find myself to be very inspired by all my travels. Being able to explore different places around the world, experience various cultures and admire unique architecture upclose have solidified my international mindset and helped open my mind to a multitude of possibilities.


Marina Raphael

Photo: Courtesy of Marina Raphael

A Usual Day with The Team


Marina: A usual day would start with a group meeting, where we go over all the tasks we have for the day. On Mondays we try to do a weekly recap as well, just so we are all on the same page. Once the meeting is over we work in different groups depending on the tasks we have at hand. Because we are a small team, we prefer to work collectively and help each other, to achieve maximum efficiency when dealing with any situation. Of course, there is always something new going on, like a custom order, or new samples coming in, which keeps things very exciting!


The Impact of Digital Media


Marina: Social media nowadays, is a core part of the fashion industry. The ease with which one can show their work to an international audience, and come in direct contact with any creator was truly revolutionary. Personally, I have been very fortunate to have many customers who contact me directly on social media and like the fact that they communicate with the designer directly before shopping online. I also love the fact that I can get direct feedback, as I truly believe that it helps us improve.


The Brand 5 Years From Now


Marina: I am very proud of what my team and I have been able to accomplish these past 2 years and it makes me very hopeful and thrilled about what’s to come. I am looking forward to all the new design ideas I will get to share with the world as well as other creators that I hope to collaborate with. I hope that can still manage to explore more and expand the horizons of the brand to an international level while venturing out to new frontiers, such as different sectors of fashion or opening up our first flagship store.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Marina: Being true to who you are and the unique perspective that you bring to the world is something you can’t forget to focus on, especially when starting out. There is big inspiration everywhere, from unique archival material to big trends in fashion, it is easy to get intimidated and overwhelmed by trying to imitate the fields heavy hitters.


Marina Raphael

Photo: Courtesy of Marina Raphael



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