#AmanqiLoves: Ming Ray


There are vey few brands that instantly capture our attention for their intricate  detailing, exquisite craftsmanship and extraordinary design. London-based luxury label, Ming Ray, is one of those names. The vision of one of the sweetest designers we know, Ming Ray brings together jewel-like accessories which are equal parts pieces of art and equal parts modern heirlooms. Inspired by the brand’s journey and their beautiful creations, we sat down with designer Ming to discuss her journey, all things art and her insider tips.



Ming Ray

Photo: Courtesy of Ming Ray

The Journey Thus Far


Ming: Originally all I wanted was to design for a luxury fashion house. After honing my skills at McQueen and Jimmy Choo I realised there’s so much red tape working for someone else and ideas get watered down by too many voices. That’s when I decided to start my brand. So far it’s been the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life, but I have learnt and grown so much thanks to it.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Ming: My entire brand overall has a core spirit of Exquisite Disobedience, I combine my love for child-like playfulness and nature to come up with individual pieces each year without being bound by “seasons”. My childhood imaginations and love for nature constantly provide me with new ideas.


The Evolution of Fashion & Luxury


Ming: Personally I have always stayed away from current fashion trends because I founded the brand to break away from the “system”. It accidentally became “luxury” as a result of my love for the best materials and craftsmanship. I didn’t worry too much about which box to put my ideas in, I just focused on being inspired and creating art that you can also carry on your arms.


A Usual Day in Ming’s Life


MingI start the day with meditation to cleanse my mind, then a mixture of reading, research and doodling. I also deal with lots of emails, meetings and enquiries. My routines are quite seasonal, when it’s time to design and develop new ideas, my days are packed to the brim with drawing , rendering and constant travelling to Italy for production. When the products are delivered, my routines will shift to content creation and events. But those processes overlap a lot as well.


5 Years From Now


MingI would love to have expanded to more countries with a wider global acknowledgement. I would also see myself collaborate with other brands more in the future.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


MingStart lean, watch your spending like a hawk. Read case studies and learn from other brands’ mistakes and failures so you get to avoid avoidable major traps . Having brilliant ideas is free but turning it into a business needs constant cash flow which can create so much anxiety especially at the beginning.


Ming Ray

Photo: Courtesy of Ming Ray



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