#AmanqiLoves: Mintsa


If there’s one accessory brand that has been on our ‘must-have’ list for a couple of seasons it’s definitely Dubai-based, design label, Mintsa. With a global reach (spanning over the UAE, Thailand and the States), this contemporary luxury label is changing the way we perceive our clutch bags. Paying immaculate attention to the detailing, craftsmanship and quality, it hardly comes as surprise that Mintsa is achieving the success that it is.

Intrigued by the brand’s journey, we sat down with the designers, to discover her ethos, design process and many sources of inspiration.




Photo: Courtesy of Mintsa


The Brand Journey Thus Far


Team Mintsa: We both started the brand with our love for fashion accessories.  Being from a fashion-based business family we were always surrounded by the idea of dressing up and styling women.  We always knew that someday we wanted to design and create accessories to help highlight the best features in every woman.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Team Mintsa: Our biggest inspiration has always been nature and the beautiful things that help create our surrounding.  We also pull a lot from our travel experiences and our world history.



Photo: Courtesy of Mintsa


An Usual Day in Team Minsta’s Life


Team Mintsa: Since we are both mothers our morning starts out with planning for the children and then touching base with each other.  We both live in different countries with different time zones which makes it difficult at times.  We spend a lot of time meeting with our different teams daily to create upcoming plans and target.  We handle every department ourselves since we have a very small team working.  We love that because it allows us to oversee all details.


The Brand 5 Years From Now


Team Mintsa:  Recently, we launched our jewellery and hair accessories line that has done extremely well at the shows. We are working towards making mintsa, a one-stop shop for all affordable fashion accessories and introduce pieces that are timeless yet trendy, to add value to our customers and make them feel good when they wear/carry a mintsa accessory. 


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Team Mintsa:  Make sure you love what you do because this will make it easier to cross all hurdles.



Photo: Courtesy of Mintsa



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