#AmanqiLoves: N-UE


What do you get when you combine immaculate craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetic? A stellar fine jewellery brand by the name of N-ue. Based out of Antwerp, this jewellery label was founded in 2017 with the aim to bring together quality, a dedication to sustainability and versatility. Designing everyday statement pieces (we honestly find it hard to choose a favourite from their line up), N-ue has been at the forefront of imbibing ethical practice within the jewellery field.

Intrigued by the brand’s ethos and journey, we sat down with founder Priyanka Mehta to better understand the brand and how it has evolved.




Photo: Courtesy of N-ue


The Brand Journey Thus Far

Priyanka: Advancements in CVD technology and a desire to declutter and demystify diamonds inspired me to start N-ue. I believe that every woman can and should own diamonds so I tried to create a collection of diamond essentials. The journey has been exciting with a fabulous response to our aesthetic and style. I have to admit though, the start up life is hard!


The Many Sources of Inspiration

Priyanka: As a former student of Architectural History I am always influenced and inspired by iconic buildings and architects. I’m drawn to floating structures and movement in nature.


A Day in Priyanka’s Life

Priyanka: It’s a whirlwind of emails, sending out shipments, brainstorming sessions and content creation! We’re a small team and we’re all just running around doing everything!


Sustainability Today

Priyanka: It often means going the extra mile and seeking out solutions. If you’re determined, you can definitely find a way to make any product more sustainable. It’s about small steps.


The Brand 5 Years From Now


Priyanka: We hope to be available across a wider network on a global scale. As consumers become more conscious we believe our jewellery can play an important role in filling in the gap when it comes to sustainable luxury purchases.


An Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Priyanka: Stay true to yourself. Customers should be able to see your identity in your design.



Photo: Courtesy of N-ue


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