AmanqiLoves: Nesma


Always on the look out for exciting new brands to our wardrobes, we were recently pleasantly surprised to discover the incredible Bahrain-based, ready-to-wear label, Nesma. With effortless silhouettes & an understated elegance, we instantly found ourselves falling in love with these minimal yet striking pieces. From chic separates to sublime winter coats, Nesma has all our sartorial needs covered. Intrigued by the label’s ethos and contemporary aesthetic, we sat down with the Haya, the talent behind Nesma, to discuss her journey, all things fashion and the future of the label.




Photo: Courtesy of Nesma


The Nesma Journey Thus Far


Haya: I’ve been working in fashion for 6 years and I own a couture brand with my mother. I’ve noticed how harmful and materialistic the fashion industry is. I love fashion but I felt there has to be more to it – this is what drove me to start a brand that has a purpose. I also wanted to provide luxury modest wear that is made with quality because it’s really hard to find fashion-forward clothes that are well-made and are culturally appropriate. At first, I wanted to experiment with a few pieces and introduce them privately to our clients, then I decided on launching the brand which I did this year with the Ramadan collection followed by the Fall collection. We’re still in our launching phase but it’s been going really well.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Haya:I’m always inspired by stories; whether it’s inspiration from nature, architecture or an art piece. I’ll always try to find a story or create one that needs to be told through my clothes.


A Usual Day in Team Nesma’s Life


Haya: We start the day with going through what’s on the agenda. Our production team is divided into two; one that handles client’s orders and one that works on the new collection. We do everything in-house to try and reduce our footprint; it’s good to be able to observe everything but it gets hectic sometimes especially with deadlines. Part of the team also handles the brand identity and online content, they also cover collaborations and the philanthropic projects that we work on.



Photo: Courtesy of Nesma


The Impact of Social Media


Haya: Our social media presence has increased brand awareness and is keeping us connected with our customers. It’s a great outlet to share our creative process and the ethical and philanthropical message behind the brand.


Nesma 10 Years From Now


Haya: At the forefront of the sustainable fashion movement. I envision the brand to be established in the region with a reach in the international market; the goal is to change the fashion industry and the mindset of consumers and that’s what I hope the brand can achieve.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Haya: Be conscious of your decisions, trust your gut; try to find something that makes you unique and stick with it.



Photo: Courtesy of Nesma



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