#AmanqiLoves: SpiltMilk Eyewear


The eyewear craze in New York continues to grow rapidly with new brands coming up; incorporating fashion and  culture in their designs. Speaking of conjunction between fashion and culture, last year saw the launch of an incredible eyewear newcomer, SplitMilk Eyewear. Built on the most dynamic pinnacle in fashion today, this brand is a coalition between Saif Ghobash’s modern vision and Judge Khanna creative innovations (honestly, we’re in love). With creative designs, the brand believes in the values of authenticity, influence and authority. True to the brand’s image, each frame is meticulously crafted in Japan with focus on high quality standards, global inspiration and an high energy colour palette – perfect for SS19.

Intrigued by the brand’s journey, we sat down with the designers to discuss all things fashion, the impact of social media and the insider tip for aspiring designers.




Photo: Courtesy of SpiltMilk


The SpiltMilk Journey


Judge: Saif and I actually met by chance; we both were interested in starting a brand that brought a luxury product to the masses, but within an attainable price point. We worked on building the brand from scratch for about a year and half, constantly revising and rebuilding. Finally, we manifested SpiltMilk, a brand inspired by the phrase “Don’t cry over spilt milk,” which essentially embodies our customer – they don’t cry about the past but rather live in the moment. Ranging from bold oversized silhouettes to cutting edge slick frames, the collection is built for the millennial not afraid to be the center of attention. Thus far, we’ve built an amazing team and brought on advisor and renowned eyewear expert, Vidal Erkohen of RVS Eyewear. The journey has been incredible, we’ve received tremendous positive feedback on the brand.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Judge: As the creative director of SpiltMilk Eyewear, I draw inspiration from history, travel, and colour theory. I think the three subjects work in conjunction when designing eyewear. The history of fashion is incredibly inspiring; when you think about it, history is a palindrome, which essentially means it’s cyclical and constantly repeating itself. So for this collection, I referenced 90’s ready-to-wear fashion and drew how to interpret that into modern day fashion. Saif and I travel a lot, so wherever we travel to, we’ll be sure to note certain images that catch our eye. The two of us have a very organic way of working, in which there’s a constant dialogue on what piques our interest. Additionally, color theory is so crucial to the design process, there has to be an understanding the analytics and algorithms that go into dissecting what colors work within the collection. Within this collection we used neutral tones of black/silver/gold while bringing pops of cerulean and chartreuse. In order to create a successful collection, balance is crucial.


An Usual Day in Team SpiltMilk’s Life


Judge: The first thing needed is a cup of coffee, I start by making my way over to Starbucks, getting my venti pike and the day begins. We’re so lucky to have an amazing and supportive team. The day begins with Saif and I discussing what we have in the pipeline: retail outreach, celebrity placement, internal logistics. Inigo, our creative assistant and I start to work on product outreach and making sure steps are in order. When you love your job, it never stops, so I’m constantly out and about in New York meeting with brands and new possible ventures.


The Impact of Social Media


Judge: Social media has been incredible, we’ve worked with an incredible PR team. Instagram has been one of the larger platforms we have used to gain momentum. It allows you to really connect with the consumer, being able to chat via direct message or share posts. Customers have had so much fun sharing their shots wearing our vibrant and unique products.



Photo: Courtesy of SpiltMilk


5 Years From Now


Judge: I foresee SpiltMilk growing into an international brand. We’re still understanding and learning from our consumer, but would love to see everyone rocking SpiltMilk frames. A big mission of ours is to build a solid foundation for the youth and giving back to the future. We’d love to work with universities and providing scholarships for students where they can learn the ropes in creating a successful business while also offering grants for students to start their own brands. I know how hard it is to break into the cut-throat fashion industry, so if we can provide the tools to start, I know how invaluable that’d be. The gift of knowledge is something that not everyone has access to, so we would love to  be a part of the movement and change to make education more accessible.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Judge: 1) Balance. It’s important to always have a balance so you will continue to love what you do and not get overwhelmed.

2) Understand your strengths and weaknesses; work on sharpening yourself constantly. You may not know all the answers right away, but if you’re willing to learn and grow, you’re bound for success.

3) I have learnt that building a business is not always a competition, build those around you and you will flourish. Working in fashion for the past eight to ten years, I’ve learnt that we’re all in this together, so it’s crucial build bridges rather than burn them.

4) Create a solid team rooted on the foundation of trust and love. Build a team of individuals you can learn from and constantly have an organic flow of ideas, that’s how the magic is born.



Photo: Courtesy of SpiltMilk



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