#AmanqiLoves: Tierno


Always on the lookout for emerging designer talent, we never cease our journey to find labels that are novel, fresh & exciting. With our latest find, the Portuguese baby clothing brand Tierno, we’ve discovered a line-up of baby outfits with unparalleled quality & an overload of cuteness. Elegant design, incorporating 100% organic cotton & using artisanal craftsmanship, we won’t be surprised if you find these pieces as cute as we do. Intrigued by the label’s journey and heritage, we sat down with designer Joana Andrade Nunes to discuss all things Tierno.




Photo: Courtesy of Tierno

The Tierno Journey


Joana: Tierno (that means ‘tenderness’ in Latin) was founded in 2017 by me and was born from my motherly love. My first baby (Francisco) had/has skin allergies and he could only wear clothes made from 100% organic cotton. At that time, I couldn’t find baby’s outfits with high quality that both protected his sensitive skin and that were made with the delicacy and love of something handcrafted; made by your own mother/grandmother, but with high craftsmanship qualities. I started searching for the best materials and artisans and designed Francisco’s layette, always with attention to small details to assure that he will always be comfy.

As I got a great feedback from friends and friends of friends; “Why not share my dream with other parents? Portuguese savoir-faire must be treasured and I really want to show to the world how amazing our pieces are!”

When I started Tierno, I had no connections –  I have no background in fashion or design – I had no money; I had no name recognition; but I had a dream straight from my heart: creating unique babies’ clothes that closely protect their skin as a priceless treasure; a family’s heirloom to be handed down from generation to generation.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Joana: Portuguese heritage has always been my greatest source of inspiration.

I’m obsessed with Portuguese savoir-faire and Tierno revives the timelessness of the most elegant pieces of clothes for the babies’ closet matching the best fabrics with handmade techniques, always with attention to detail (Did you know our care labels are always in the diaper to assure your baby will always be happy and comfy in Tierno?).

Each Tierno piece takes time to create and is individually handmade by the most talented Portuguese artists that have a true passion for their work and years of history in the art of creating clothes. That’s why each Tierno piece is unique: a piece of art to keepsake.



Photo: Courtesy of Tierno

The Impact of Social Media


Joana: Tierno is a brand of the internet age and our pieces are exclusively available at our online store.

Social media has been a big priority and made this journey possible: Instagram, fashion bloggers, international press, ‘it-moms’ like Leandra Medine Cohen, Aya Kanai, Petta Chua, Chriselle Lim, Alex Eagle, Lorena Vergani,  Paola Alberdi, Sophie Paterson are already rendered to Tierno exclusive items.

From the US to Australia, Japan, Brazil to all European countries, everyone fell in love with Tierno. Social media has made the world a smaller place and #tiernolovers are all over the world. I’m always grateful for that!


The New Season Closet Essential


Joana: As a businesswoman and mom of two under 4, I’m always on the run! So, just keep it simple: it never fails! A little black dress is a key piece definitely, and, of course, the right accessories to make the look.

I just love Portuguese Filigrana (filigree) and Portuguese handcrafted jewelry: pieces to die for! ‘Arrecadas’ or ‘Brincos à Rainha’ (Portuguese traditional earrings), ‘Coração de Viana’ necklace or ‘Contas de Viana’ earrings and necklace are my daily best friends.


Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Joana:  Work hard. Work hard. Work hard. And don’t give up. A brand is only a brand when has a meaning and soul. The key word is ‘Why?’: if you listen to your heart you’ll change the world.



Photo: Courtesy of Tierno


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