#AmanqiLoves: Vidhi Wadhwani


We’re constantly on the look out for exciting new, contemporary luxury labels to add to our wardrobes and recently we were excited to discover the eponymous label Vidhi Wadhwani. Imbibing an effortless charm and timeless luxurious appeal, all whilst staying on trend, this brand is reinventing how we perceive our modern-day wardrobe essentials. Intrigued by the brand’s ethos, we sat down with designer Vidhi to discover all things Vidhi Wadhwani.



Vidhi Wadhwani

Photo: Courtesy of Vidhi Wadhwani


The Journey Thus Far


Vidhi: I have always had an creative instinct and after graduating from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi and interning and working with top fashion labels, I had the confidence of starting out on my own. The journey of having your own business, starting from scratch has been rewarding and arduous. The sense of accomplishment has now finally come with experience and gaining so much knowledge along the way.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Vidhi: My biggest source of inspiration comes from my travels and places I’m yet to see. New cultures,new patterns and history always excite and inspire me. Since our forte is texture development, we always start with a small motif or idea and develop textures and embroideries around it. I also get inspired by streetwear, of what the real women of today are wearing and using fashion as a medium of self-expression.


The Impact of Social Media


Vidhi: Social media presence has impacted our brand way more than we could have expected. We started out slowly but now we know it plays a huge role in reaching out to the right clientele, connecting with the right people and showcasing your brand-story to the world, which wasn’t easy earlier.


5 Years From Now


Vidhi: Our brand journey tells us to just keep doing better and improving in all aspects. We’re looking at a global presence and increasing our point of sales to different cities of the world. But mainly, we hope the brand is appreciated and valued for its originality and makes its signature in the next few years.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Vidhi: I always give this tip to aspiring designers, that is to go slow. In this age of constant strive to be relevant, we can lose our sense of aesthetics if we keep seeing what others are doing. So make mistakes, save first, spend later.


Vidhi Wadhwani

Photo: Courtesy of Vidhi Wadhwani



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