BEL REBEL: The Interview


When it comes to fragrances, we often find ourselves reverting back to our usual favourites, however with London’s coolest new fragrance space, BEL REBEL, we are now discovering the finest of scents. Tucked away in the cute streets of Marylebone, BEL REBEL is the ultimate fragrance heaven. Established by the talented connoisseur Natalia Mizejewska, this is one concept that is quickly becoming London’s ‘go-to’ spot for all things pleasantly fragrant.

Intrigued by Natalia’s journey, we sat down with her to discuss all things fragrance, the impact of social media and her insider tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.




Photo: Courtesy of BEL REBEL


The BEL REBEL Journey


Natalia: I decided to create BEL REBEL as fragrances made me feel unique; somehow special and somehow it completed my daily appearances. I used to be shy; Can you imagine 25 years old bossing 50-something years old in the banking environment? It was a hell of a journey for me, feeling as I always stood out of the crowd, perfumes always boosted my confidence.
I just wanted to be able to provide an opportunity for the smaller brands to be able to enter the extremely competitive UK market, whilst at the same time provide a wider choices of scents to the end customer.


The Impact of Social Media


Natalia: BEL REBEL loves social media and would love to stay connected as close as possible to their audiences. It somehow represents a new luxury and fits in well within today’s lifestyles. Yet I believe the market does not believe it is possible to sell fragrances via media streams


An Usual Day in Team BEL REBEL’S Life


Natalia: Mornings we are usually meeting at the nearby coffeeshop and chatting about what is happening across the market; we have coffee and bask in good vibes and energise for the day. Following that, we are making our way to the office, browsing through the most recent launches and trying on new fragrances. My team and I absolutely loves perfumes so everyday is extra special. We are then looking at the private appointments that we have and looking after the sales for our ad hoc clients. We always try to remember to check in to our Instagram and Facebook pages.
We are the crazy butterflies surrounded by the unimaginable scents.



Photo: Courtesy of BEL REBEL


5 Years From Now


Natalia: BEL REBEL will inspire the souls and hearts of the people and will keep on challenging the perfume industry. Moreover, I am working on REBEL’s School as part of the educational elements the market needs, daily into the perfume layering techniques and discovering all the mood elevator techniques. BEL REBEL is pretty special and I hope it will touch the hearts of many out there, to continue inspiring the shy, the introverts, the creatives and the lost souls!


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Natalia: Never give up. Dream greater than big and if you reach the stage when you feel crazy know that only the ones that are crazy are special. There is only one reference that is called love and know when you are lonely and everyday you fight with the bills and other obstacles focus on the feeling of LOVE!



Photo: Courtesy of BEL REBEL



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