CycleBar: The Interview


It comes as no surprise to our avid readers that we are obsessed with finding the perfect workout studios no matter where we go. Whether it’s an array of invigorating classes at Core Collective in London or a session of reformer pilates at Reform Athletica in Dubai, our gym ‘go-to’ list never seems to end. Recently, we’ve found another Dubai gem in the form of City Walk’s spinning studio, CycleBar. Combining a refreshing soundtrack with some high intensity spinning, CycleBar is the epitome of a power workout. Thus, we decided to sit down with Jeet Khanchandani (CycleBar Dubai’s owner) and Bryan Bax (CycleBar Dubai’s studio manager) to discuss the importance of fitness in the region, staying healthy and the power of spinning.




Photo: Courtesy of CycleBar


Dubai’s Fitness Scene


Jeet: Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities of the 21st century with a great mix of cultural backgrounds. We are on the forefront of most industries of note, be it technological innovation, education or healthcare, so bringing the CycleBar experience to this great metropolis was a definite priority. One of the niches we identified early on when studying the fitness industry within the UAE was a general lack of cutting-edge, exciting group fitness classes. It was much of the same across the board, with GX being pinned on to the back end of standard-issue big box gyms as an “etc cetera” category. CycleBar provides residents and visitors alike with a genuinely intoxicating and motivating group fitness experience, allowing them to be part of a great community built around the concept of HIIT-based indoor cycling.

With Expo 2020 fast approaching and fitness workouts quickly becoming a staple in people’s everyday routines, I would reckon Dubai’s (and by extension the UAE’s) fitness industry is primed for rapid growth in the coming years as recognisable brands from across the globe set up shop here.


The Impact of Social Media


Jeet: As in most bustling cities, social media plays a large role in Dubai, be it in terms of keeping up with the social scene, local celebrities or larger companies. Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook are invaluable to us when it comes to reaching out and connecting with our customer base and community, and are highly effective in tandem with the more traditional means of advertising and marketing.


What Makes the CycleBar Experience Special


Bryan: At CycleBar Dubai it is not only the workout that is great we take care of you. The moment you walk through the door you are always welcomed with a smile. The CycleBar team will help you with the check in to clipping in your bike. From that moment the CycleStar will take over the experience by providing  you with their unique style of teaching. Making sure you get pushed to your limit and getting the best out of your work out and body. This all in a safe environment where technique and performance is important to us but above that we want you to enjoy your ride. You will receive a total body work out where we train the lower as well as the upper body and you burn on average 500 calories per ride. After the ride is completed you can refill you energy with the fresh fruits in the community room and rehydrate with complimentary water. The CycleBar team will take care of your shoes and towels and you will be able to leave with a satisfied feeling.


The Insider Tip for Being More Healthy


Bryan: As being a trainer for a long time my insider tip is to focus on yourself. The scoreboard is great to push yourself more but remember that you are there to improve your level of fitness and not the others, so the most important race is the race against yourself. Beat the score from your last ride.

Often people focus just on the end result but at CycleBar Dubai we want you to focus on every ride and enjoy the journey. This is in my opinion the most important tip a trainer can give you. Enjoy your training, enjoy the struggle. The more you do this the more you will be able to push yourself and the more you can push yourself the more results you will get.



Photo: Courtesy of CycleBar



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