Farrah’s Studio: The Interview


There’s nothing that inspires us quite like a creative living her dream. One of our current favourite stylists, Farrah, is doing exactly that. Bringing together her unparalleled and distinctive taste with a flair of eclectic style, Farrah’s work for Farrah’s Studio, demonstrates a contemporary and fresh take on conventional fashion. Intrigued by the stylist’s journey and work, we sat down with Farrah to discuss all things fashion and her insider tips for aspiring creatives.



Farrah's Studio

Photo: Courtesy of Farrah’s Studio


The Farrah’s Studio Journey


Farrah: Ever since I was a child, I’ve been obsessed with anything to do with art, design, and fashion. Having gained the chance to study at one of the best fashion schools, Istituto Marangoni, I knew that styling was the career for me.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Farrah: My first internship was at Okhtein (one of the best brands to ever exist) and honestly this was where I was taught that inspiration can come from anything around you, you just have to have the creativity.


An Usual Day in Farrah’s Life


Farrah: So far it’s been a one-woman show, but I’m planning on expanding the team within the next year. (Anyone with a love for fashion and a creative mind, hit me up!)


The Impact of Social Media


Farrah: I must say that social media has been the biggest source of exposure for me! Almost all of my big accomplishments were because of social media.


The Insider Tip For Aspiring Creatives


Farrah: I’d tell them what I tell myself everyday; something one of my favorite stylists, Lucinda Chambers, said, “When you’ve got limitations, you’ve got something to push against.” Styling is all about being inventive and improvising, don’t let the limitations fool you.


Farrah's Studio

Photo: Courtesy of Farrah’s Studio



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