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Craftsmanship and meticulousness is at the very heart of FHK. In this interview, we explore the creative journey behind their exquisite pieces, from the choice between gold and silver to the most challenging designs they’ve crafted. Discover the allure of underrated gemstones like labradorite and the inspiration drawn from historical eras such as Art Deco.

We’ll delve into the stories each piece of jewelry tells, the movie character their designs would embody, and their preference for delicate, everyday pieces that form an intimate connection with the wearer. Learn about their admiration for renowned designers like Messika and the personal significance of garnet in their collections.

Join us as we uncover the creative process behind their masterpieces, including their favorite sketching spots, indispensable tools, and cherished childhood memories that sparked a lifelong passion for jewelry. Get ready to be inspired by the intricate details and thoughtful craftsmanship that define their work.

Q: Gold or Silver?

A: Each metal brings a unique charm to my designs when considering gold or silver. While gold exudes timeless allure and adds a touch of opulence, silver’s understated elegance perfectly complements my style. Both metals play an integral role in shaping the diverse aesthetics of my jewelry creations.

Q: The most challenging piece you’ve ever designed:

A: The most challenging piece I’ve ever designed is the “Al Fakhr 2023.” This piece pushed the boundaries as I utilized enamel to intricately print our Rulers images on mother-of-pearl pieces, exclusively cut for this purpose. The goal was to create the design with a symbolic representation of the UAE, incorporating pearls to add a unique touch. This process aimed to create a truly distinctive piece that pays homage to the cultural richness and heritage of the region.

Q: In your opinion, what’s the most underrated gemstone to work with?

A: Labradorite, for sure! Its mesmerizing play of colors adds enchantment to designs. Its unique properties allow for creating of captivating pieces often overlooked in jewelry design.

Q: f your jewelry was a movie character, who would it be and why?

A: If my jewelry were a movie character, it would embody the contemporary yet elegant style reminiscent of characters like Anne Hathaway’s Andy Sachs from “The Devil Wears Prada.” This choice captures the modern aesthetic and sophistication that my designs aim to convey. It reflects a sense of transformative elegance and timeless allure, resonating with a dynamic and ever-evolving fashion landscape.

Q: Big, bold statement pieces or delicate, everyday jewelry:

A: I enjoy the challenge of both, but creating delicate, everyday pieces allows for a more
intimate connection with the wearer, becoming a part of their daily life.

Q: Are there any historical jewelry eras that particularly inspire your work?

A: The Art Deco era’s geometric precision and bold designs profoundly influence my creations. I admire the era’s fusion of luxury and modernity, reflected in my contemporary interpretations.

Q: One jewelry piece from your collection you never leave home without.

A: My “Kingdom of Hearts” adjustable ring is my constant companion. The delicate and soft design, adorned with hearts, not only complements my style but also evokes a regal sense, making me feel like the queen of hearts wherever I go.

Q: If your jewelry could tell a story, what would it say?

A: Each piece whispers tales of craftsmanship, passion, and the inherent beauty of the
wearer. They narrate stories of timeless elegance, capturing moments in precious
metals and gemstones.

Q: A gemstone color that you can’t resist using in your designs?

A: Garnet, my birthstone, consistently captivates me with its rich hues. Its deep reds and earthy tones are an irresistible inclusion in my designs, adding a touch of personal significance to each piece.

Q: One jewelry designer, past or present, whom you greatly admire?

A: One jewelry designer I greatly admire is Messika. Their ability to seamlessly transition from crafting exquisite daily pieces to creating bold and striking statement pieces is commendable. Messika’s design versatility resonates with my approach, and its commitment to blending sophistication with contemporary flair is a constant inspiration
in my work.

Q: Your favorite place to sketch new jewelry ideas?

A: My go-to spot for sketching new jewelry ideas is my desk in a quiet corner with a garden view. The serene surroundings inspire creativity, making it the perfect space to bring my designs to life.

Q: The jewelry-making tool you can’t do without.

A: The precision jeweler’s saw is an indispensable tool for our manufacturing team. – Its fine blade enables the creation of intricate details and facilitates the execution of delicate cuts necessary for our designs.

Q: A favorite jewelry memory from your childhood?

A: In my childhood, a moment that shaped my love for jewelry was at the age of four. This is when my father, sensed my desire for his attention after he gifted my mom a ring. He then surprised me with a special, bespoke ring crafted to fit my little finger. This unique keepsake symbolized his love and imprinted a deep-rooted emotional chapter in my connection with personal ornaments, fueling my passion for jewelry today.

Q: Describe your creative process in three words:

A: Vision, Refinement, Elegance.

As we conclude this insightful Q&A, it’s clear that our featured jewelry brand, FHK, brings a unique blend of creativity, tradition, and innovation to the world of jewelry. Their thoughtful approach to selecting materials, such as the timeless allure of gold and the understated elegance of silver, showcases their ability to craft pieces that are both luxurious and versatile.

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