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Take your power back with Hydrasound and make an impact like no other.


In an ever-growing music industry and digitally driven world, it is often difficult and challenging for musicians and music producers to connect with the right individuals to grow their network and audience and nurture their musical careers. Tackling this industry-based challenge, the music industry’s all-inclusive and inventive platform, HydraSound has just launched.

Connecting musicians and producers from across the globe, HydraSound is dedicated to enabling individuals to forge a full time career in the music industry; with access to unparalleled connections, mentorship opportunities, marketing expertise and insider tools. Created with the aim to enable collaborations and easy access, and established by producer Dan Thomas and prominent artist K-Syran, HydraSound offers a network like no other.

Speaking about the platform, co-founder and prominent singer K-Syran mentioned, “HydraSound is the platform that covers all the different areas in the music industry today; if you make music videos , direct or you’re a makeup artist, singer, songwriter, producer, musician, remixer festival organiser, stylist or music blogger sign up today and make your connections.”

If you’re an emerging artist or music personnel looking for your big breakthrough, take your power back with Hydrasound and make an impact like no other.



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