Inside Our Conversation With Modernist Fragrance


The perfect fragrance has the power to make or break any look, and more importantly how we feel. Particularly for us, here at The Amanqi Edit, we’re obsessed with continuously finding the right fragrant note for each moment of our journey. Thus, when we discovered London-based, handmade fragrance label Modernist Fragrance, we were instantly excited. Launching with ‘The Modernist’ fragrance, the mastermind behind this label, John Evans, is dedicated to the craft of perfecting scents. Intrigued by his new perfume, journey & the world of fragrance, we sat down with John to get a little whiff of his fragrant world.



Modernist Fragrance

Photo: Courtesy of Modernist Fragrance


The Modernist Journey


John: I’ve been passionate about fragrance all my life. At a certain point, a lot of things on my shelves started to smell the same. I was curious why and keen to see if I could do something different. The opportunity came along for me to do that and the journey of modernist fragrance began. It’s been very rewarding to create a finished product and to have been involved in every step. The reactions to the modernist from a wide range of people have been really fascinating and satisfying. It’s a journey I intend to continue with geist and with nihilism, the next two fragrances from the house.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


John: Inspiration comes from every sense, not just smell. Fragrance creation for me is so much more than a simplistic analysis of memory and can be from past, present, future; conscious or unconscious – it is timeless. The names are also very important to me, especially in terms of their philosophical underpinnings. I like the play of concepts and the construction of a fragrance. Smell is an amazing signifier.


The Significance of Fragrance


John: In terms of parfum, it’s very intimate. It may be the last thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you’re wearing at night. A good fragrance, for me, is one that accompanies me through the day and works for me in the various situations I encounter. It can enhance the senses and elevate mood, creating confidence. Sometimes you want to be noticed and other times you’re maintaining a discreet presence. Great fragrance becomes part of your narrative. That’s a signature, an autograph.


Modernist Fragrance

Photo: Courtesy of Modernist Fragrance


A Usual Day in John’s Life


John: One of the great things about modernist fragrance is no one day is usual. A typical day starts with taking care of orders and enquiries on the website. As the fourth fragrance from the house is in development now, I might spend time working with essential oils, testing accords and compounding. A lot of the development work happens less tangibly, in my head and over time. As the next two fragrances are entering production, I also have to tend to the operational aspects of that. And I walk our whippet.


The ‘Must-Have’ Seasonal Essential


John: I’m most likely to go for something I like, regardless of the season. A new shirt from Turnbull & Asser springs to mind or another phone case to add to the already embarrassingly large collection. And I’m always in the market for the perfect bag.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


John: Don’t be afraid to ask questions – it’s your time and money at stake!


Modernist Fragrance

Photo: Courtesy of Modernist Fragrance



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