K-Syran: The Interview


Great talent and exciting journeys always inspire us over at The Amanqi Edit, and with the uber-cool musical artist K-Syran, we’re definitely very excited. Having opened the tour for the illustrious Blue, topping several billboard charts and even having one of her singles being nominated as the International Women’s Day anthem in 2016, K-Syran has been at the forefront of creating great music and versatile performance.

Having just released her latest, new single Carefree Careless, we sat down with K-Syran to discuss her journey, all things social media and her many sources of inspiration.




Photo: Courtesy of K-Syran


K-Syran’s Musical Journey


K-Syran: I’ve always loved music; it’s been a very big part of my life. Been born in a musical home, with my mum and dad singing and dad playing every instrument under the sun, I was very early on inspired to play the piano and sing. After my training at RADA & GUILDHALL SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DRAMA, leading on to lead parts as Anna in “Voyage In The Dark”, Miss Julie in “Miss Julie”, Hedda in “The Master Builder” and Eva in “The Galitzian Jewess” in the West End, life circumstances brought me to sing with different bands. A country producer from Nashville wanted to make an album with me, and from that album Paul Sutin, who works with Phil Collins and Jackson brothers, fell in love with my favourite track STARING AT THE WALL. The 2015 UK Tour with BLUE threw me into the professional pop world.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


K-Syran: I believe you have to write about what you know, so my own life experiences have helped me in my writing. Also situations and images inspires me, I’m a very visual person so seeing, touching , feeling, smelling, all of these senses inspire my writing.



Photo: Courtesy of K-Syran


An Usual Day in K-Syran’s Life


K-Syran: There is a lot of work, so without my team it wouldn’t be possible. I feel extremely grateful to have such talented people around me who believe in me as an artist. There’s a lot of discussion, ideas, and structuring. The day will start with a big cup of coffee and a morning chat on WhatsApp. I will then go to the studio for a few hours working on new material. Then back on to WhatsApp, and some Instagram posting. Having a quick bite to eat for lunch and then back to work with my wonderful team (also I’m a mother of 4 children and 4 animals so breakfast and supper cooking is of course included). As many others, I wish the day had many more hours. Rarely, I go to bed before midnight .


The Impact of Social Media


K-Syran: Social media has made it possible for me personally, to reach places far beyond my circles, and also opened doors to new working relationships. Social media makes it easier to share thoughts and ideas and create new friendships.


An Insider Tip for Aspiring Musicians


K-Syran: Put yourself out there and be persistent!



Photo: Courtesy of K-Syran



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