Keeping Up with K-Syran


We’re constantly inspired by talented individuals who challenge the norms and create exciting content and projects. One such powerhouse extraordinaire is singer, performer and actress K-Syran. A force to reckon with, K-Syran has been taking the world by storm with her latest single Crazy Desire (a catchy tune with an even more enthralling music video). Catching up with the brilliant talent, we sat down to discuss her many sources of inspiration, her new music video and what 2019 holds for her (including her presence in the upcoming, highly anticipated film ‘The Lady from the Sea’).




Photo: Courtesy of K-Syran


The Inspiration Behind Crazy Desire


K-Syran: Firstly summer with the vibes from the sun, sea, sand, light clothes, sun kissed skin, Ibiza, etc.. Summer time needs a dance track! Life is beautiful when you are two, in nature watching; swans always in two, wild horses galloping in two. One should keep that Crazy Desire between the two of you, see each other, listen to each other, embrace and kiss each other non stop, keep that fire between one another.
The video brings passion with the incredible talented Swiss artist Bernard Garo; with his passionate strokes and movements and strong colours.  Myself in a beautiful Three Graces dress underwater shots by James Ian Gray gives that sensual beautiful feel to what Crazy Desire is between two people. Intimacy Records produced it wonderfully.


Looking at The Outfits

K-Syran: Intimacy Records is so lucky to be sponsored by talented Three Graces London. All their dresses are exquisite. Even Michelle Obama is wearing them this summer. They are classy, graceful, romantic and sensual.


The Inside Tips for Making The Perfect Music Video


K-Syran: You have to be open minded and look into all types of art, and combine them all together; fashion, art, acting, music. I believe an interesting video brings it all together and also express the song on a deeper level. There is no point in making a video for the sake of making it; it must add value to the song. When I came out last summer with my single Shake That Booty remixed by Stonebridge, women loved my video in the grocery store and said it got them in a good mood having to do the weekly chores.


Coming Up in 2019


K-Syran: Lots of new exciting work with talented music producer, remixer Dan Boots. Can’t say much more but we are working on something very, very big. Also with director Leon Mitchell I’m producing and playing lead role Ellida in a feature film based upon Ibsen’s well known play, Lady From The Sea. It’s an amazing script written by award winning script writer Birgit Myaard.
We have already started filming and I’m still pinching myself, can’t believe I get to play my dream role.
Being Norwegian myself I love Ibsen and feel so lucky to have already played Nora from The Dolls House,  and Gerd from Brand, including Hilde from The Master Builder in the West End in London.



Photo: Courtesy of K-Syran


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