#AmanqiLoves: LeSet


We’ll be honest, one of our favourite quarantine activities was browsing through our Insta feeds and discovering new brands. One of the brands we stumbled upon (and we’re so glad we did) is LA based, LESET. With a strong belief that comfort should never be sacrificed for style, the brand creates pieces that are incredibly versatile and can be worn as effortlessly on a night out as for a night in. Wanting to know more about this insanely cool label, we sat down with founder Lili Chemla to discuss all things fashion.




Photo: Courtesy of LESET

The LESET Journey


Lili: Set dressing and comfort has always been at the core of my own personal style and recognising that I was not alone I wanted to create a brand and name that encompassed that. Being half French, LESET, a play on French for ‘The Set’ was born.

The LESET journey has just begun and thus far it has been invigorating, inspiration filled and like any business frustrating at times but I wouldn’t change a minute of it!


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Lili: End use and our core tenant of style meets comfort is the guiding force.

The team is constantly sending each other inspiration, old pictures, our own personal closet staples and more. I like to believe that we all inspire each other.


A Usual Day with Team LESET


Lili: I am based in NY and the team is based in LA. While I used to travel back and forth every 6 weeks or so – now-a-days it is far different with me not traveling.

There are a lot of video calls and staying together by staying apart. With such a small but mighty team, building a fast-growing business, our day -to-day is typically just getting sh*t done!



Photo: Courtesy of LESET

The Impact of Digital Media


Lili: Digital media has allowed for brands to have a platform to build their own personal campaigns as well as building brand awareness without having to make a massive investment in things like billboards and editorial advertisements. It is definitely beneficial for a small brand in terms of exposure.


5 Years From Now


Lili: In the last few years, I have noticed a huge shift in the fashion industry. People are no longer wanting to sacrifice their style for comfort and instead are wanting to invest in clothing that works for multiple occasions. I think we all are craving a wardrobe that makes us feel put together and confident but is also comfortable. While I think now more than ever this is true, I don’t believe it’s a trend. Comfort meets style is modern luxury and it’s here to stay. I think LESET will continue to think outside the box, ‘defying categorisation’ and embodying this ethos.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Lili: Always trust your gut and go for what you believe!



Photo: Courtesy of LESET


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