London’s Best Blow Dry Bars


There’s nothing that makes us happier than a good hair day (honestly, we wish that could be every day). Thus, we’re always on the look out for the best hair salons, stylists & treatments. Having experienced quite a few of London’s salons, we decided to curate a list of our London favourites. Here’s the ultimate guide to amazing hair in London.



1) Paul Edmonds


When we’re looking for the perfect quick & easy blow dry, Paul Edmonds is our ‘go-to’. With a great team and personalised service, Paul Edmonds never fails to impress us with their styling services and amicable hospitality. If you’re looking for a classic Hollywood-style blow dry with bouncy curls, this is your definite destination.


Paul Edmonds

Photo: Courtesy of Paul Edmonds



2) Salon64


When we say Salon64 is our absolute favourite salon in the world, we’re not joking. Founded by the super-cool & talented Ricky Walters, Salon64 is the ultimate hair heaven. From state-of-the-art facilities, incredible service and great stylists, if you’re looking for the ultimate hair pampering experience, Salon64 is your ‘go-to’.



Photo: Courtesy of Salon64



3) DryBy


A favourite on our nail salon list, DryBy also features on the top of our list of favourite London salons. Tucked away behind the buzzing Regent Street, DryBy offers a selection of great hairstyles & blow dries that meet the needs for every occasion. With a great team and a cute aesthetic, DryBy is a definite London ‘must-visit’.



Photo: Courtesy of Wallpaper



4) SHOW Dry


Having recently discovered SHOW Dry in Notting Hill, we’re absolutely obsessed. Incorporating the luxurious SHOW hair care products, this salon offers great hair services in the form of blow dries, colour treatments & styling. If you’re looking for a shiny & uplifting look, SHOW is perfect for all your haircare essentials.


Show Dry

Photo: Courtesy of SHOW



5) Aer


We’ve been avid visitors of Aer for a couple of years now and it’s safe to say we’ve never been disappointed. Offering great blow dry services and an array of other essentials (such as threading, manicures & tinting), this South Kensington salon is perfect for all your day-to-day needs.



Photo: Courtesy of Aer