London’s Best Nail Salons


There’s always something about a good manicure that instantly serves as a pick-me-up. Always on the look out for the ultimate pampering and luxurious nail salons, in recent times, we’ve found quite a few places that we’re absolutely in love with. Here’s a list of our top nail salons in London (you’ll definitely want to try all of these).



1) Townhouse


Undoubtedly one of our favourite London hangout spots, Townhouse is the ultimate nail salon. With state-of-the-art technology, incredible service & the prettiest colours (the colours are even named after classic London locations like ‘Knightsbridge’, ‘Brick Lane’ & ‘Great Portland Street’), we’ve recently found ourselves as avid Townhouse visitors, and won’t be surprised if we spot you there, too.



Photo: Courtesy of Townhouse



2) Nail Club


Cute, Instagrammable and quietly tucked away in the hustle & bustle of Neal’s Yard, Skinny Dips’ Nail Club is the ultimate nail heaven. Offering a plethora of both quick and easy to intricate services, Nail Club deserves a top spot in the ultimate nail salon list. Whether you’re looking for nail art or a quick polish change, Nail Club has you covered.


Nail Club

Photo: Courtesy of Nail Club



3) Nail’d It


Another absolutely Insta-worthy nail salon, Nail’d It is as service-orientated as it is aesthetic. With an all-encompassing services list & multiple easily accessible locations (Marylebone has to be our favourite though), Nail’d it has a combination of essential & super luxury services for the ultimate pampering session.


Nail'd It

Photo: Courtesy of Nail’d It



4) DryBy


Already one of our favourites for some hair pampering, DryBy also offers one of London’s best nail salons. Dedicated to some great nail art (there’s honestly something for everyone) and a range of signature services, DryBy offers the complete luxury nail experience.


Glow Bar

Photo: Courtesy of Glow Bar