Memoize: The Interview


There’s something about fragrances which is so powerful; they can evoke a certain memory, feeling or emotion simply with the whiff of a scent. Always looking out for exciting new fragrances to add to our boudoir, we were pleasantly surprised to discover British fragrance brand, Memoize. Dedicated to refined smells and a flair for quality, this is one label that is a definite perfume ‘must-have’. Intrigued by the brand’s journey, we sat down with Holly, the founder of the brand, to discuss fragrances, the entrepreneurial journey and the ‘must-have’ fragrance for SS19.




Photo: Courtesy of Memoize


The Memoize Journey


Holly: I have always been passionate about fragrance from a very young age. I moved to London to pursue a career in the industry, and found myself thriving on the experience. After leaving my previous company I found the determination to start my own business. With my creative flair for design, quality and supporting British independent companies, I created the Memoize brand. Our artisan caps are hand made in Yorkshire, hand crafted boxes in Leicestershire and manufactured in Lincolnshire.


The Many Sources of Inspiration


Holly:When designing new fragrances, we seek to draw on the emotional connection between scent and memory. We are inspired by our customers and their experiences with scent. We strive to create new and interesting scents with a global appeal. We currently sell across the world and our launch in Selfridges is a massive achievement for the brand.


The Significance of Fragrances


Holly: Fragrance is of great importance to our lives. We associate 75% of everything we smell to a memory. Anything from an ex boyfriend, to a holiday. An evening out with friends, to a childhood memory. Scent in ingrained in all of us, we sometimes don’t even realise until the scent crosses our path again.



Photo: Courtesy of Memoize


A Usual Day in Team Memoize’s Life


Holly: Unexpected, exciting, fast paced, creative and supportive of one another. All of our team are energetic, passionate and love fragrance! We embrace new challenges. We launched on the 4th floor of Selfridges on 4th January in addition to the main fragrance hall as soon as the as soon as the chance arose.

The ‘Must-Have’ SS19 Scent


Holly: Luxuria from Memoize London, is an all year round incredible scent. As all of our perfumes are unisex we gain a great understanding of how the fragrance industry and customers perspective of what the can wear has changed. It is certainly something new to the market and something highly wearable day or night.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Holly: Go for it! if you have an idea, believe in yourself! Doubt is something that holds many entrepreneurs back, but if you have belief you can make your idea work!


Photo: Courtesy of Memoize



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