In the heat of it all (quite literally), prominent influencer Alexis Mahdavi shares with us his Dubai lifestyle, which we may also use as a guide to all the  hotspots in the city. Read more as we take a sneak peek into his world and discover Alexis’ plans for the coming summer.


In the morning, after carefully following my skincare routine, I step into my most comfortable shoes and #OOTD. I run to the kitchen to eat my bowl of fruits and my favourite smoothie. I express myself through clothes, so I love wearing something that is going to represent me that day.

Usually, my first meal of the day starts at home but occasionally I do eat out; if it’s to meet family or friends for breakfast. Parlour Boutique, Aubaine, Tom & Serg, or La Serre are some of my favourites.


After 11AM, my meetings usually start. During that time, I start running in the heat like no other. So obviously, when they end I reward myself with some guilty pleasures, like hitting the beach clubs. On my fun days, Drift Beach, Azure Beach, or FIVE Palm Jumeirah are my first choices, but if I need something quiet I go to low-key pools like the one in The Address Boulevard or Bvlgari Hotel and have a quick bite.



Photo: Courtesy of Alexis Mahdavi


Some days, where I have lots going on, like work meetings or special shoots, I get so tired I forcefully squeeze in a nap in the afternoon. Other days, I just like to shop at the mall or visit some stores around the city and then, quench the thirst at a cute coffee shop… Probably Tasha’s or Arabica for a traditional #IcedCoffee.

If running errands isn’t your thing, you’ll be miserable in my shoes. That’s basically all I do, and especially in the afternoons shortly after realising how fast time passed in the morning or maybe how little I was able to accomplish? Either way, panic mode sets in and I try to finish all my day duties as the sunsets, before my evening plans with friends and family.


My family are the only people that can have my full attention in the evenings. Dinners are usually spent with them and if my dad is back from a business trip, he becomes priority. Our dinners stick to tradition in DIFC with La Petite Maison, Roberto’s, Zuma, or Cipriani. However, most of the time, when my parents are not home, especially on the weekends, I like to save myself a bit of fun with some friends; starting with dinner and a fun outing at a bar or some sort.


My friends and I are always into trying different places and getting the first taste of new restaurants. Some of my latest discoveries were Netsu at Mandarin Oriental, The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill in JBR, La Carnita at InterContinental Dubai Marina and Avli. Otherwise, we stay with the popular and the known aka Il Borro or Flamingo Room at Jumeirah Al Naseem, Scalini or Coya at Four Seasons Hotel, Play at the H, or Zuma in DIFC. And if my appetite doesn’t suffice, I may stop by Salt or a lowkey spot like 3fils for a dimmer ambiance.



Photo: Courtesy of Alexis Mahdavi


During the next two months, I will be spending more time with friends and family and refreshing my energy for exciting events coming up! I currently have two trips planned for the month of July, which will be dedicated solely to friends and family.

I plan on coming back in August with several projects in hands.



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