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Designed from a viewpoint of rich history and heritage, Nijma M Fine Jewellery.

Welcome to our exclusive Q&A session with a visionary jewelry designer, Elaina, who redefines elegance with each creation. Join us as we delve into the inspirations, preferences and artistic journeys that shape her stunning pieces. From the thrill of designing earrings to the serene silence that fuels her creativity, discover the intimate details behind the masterpieces.

Explore the duality of her designs inspired by Beirut, the magic of round-cut gemstones, and the luxurious touch of filigree. Whether it’s personalized pieces or the allure of yellow gold, this designer’s insights offer a captivating glimpse into the world of fine jewelry. Prepare to be inspired by Nijma M. Fine Jewelry’s philosophy: buy what you love, wear it every day, and feel unstoppable. Dive in and uncover the future trends in jewelry that promise to celebrate individual expression and storytelling.

Q: Earrings or bracelets: which is more fun to design?

A: Earrings, definitely. The design possibilities and styles are endless with earrings! 

Q: The first piece of jewelry you ever made: what was it?

A: A yellow gold hand chain from my first collection, ‘New Nostalgia’.

Q: Inspirational music or serene silence while you work?

A: Lately, I’ve been all about the serene silence, especially when designing. It helps with concentrating on the details and seeing the big picture. 

Q: Gemstone cut: round, emerald, or marquise?

A: Round…the brilliance of a round cut from all its angles is magical.

Q: Your dream collaboration, living or historical figure, who would it be?

A: Gianni Versace – the way he pushed the envelope with his bold and unique designs is truly inspiring. 

Q: Engraving or filigree: which intricate detail do you prefer?

A: Filigree – the intricate detailing of filigree immediately elevates and adds a sense of luxury to designs.

Q: If your jewelry were a destination, where would it be?

A: Beirut – the duality of its rich history and the moderness of it as a metropolis speaks to the duality of the style of our designs.

Q: A jewelry-making technique you’re currently excited about mastering?

A: We work closely with our manufacturing partner for our designs and we’re excited that they’re helping us with a specific stone setting technique that will be featured in our upcoming collection – reverse setting diamonds.

Q: The most exotic place you’ve drawn inspiration from?

A: My Middle Eastern heritage.

Q: Personalized or ready-to-wear pieces: which do you enjoy creating more?

A: Personalised pieces – it’s rewarding helping clients design their dream pieces.

Q: Your signature design element or motif?

A: Our designs are made exclusively with yellow gold. The warmth of yellow gold is the perfect setting for diamonds. 

Q: A must-have accessory other than jewelry for your ideal outfit?

A: Without a doubt, a mini handbag. 

Q: The best jewelry tip you’ve ever received or given?

A: Don’t overthink when you’re buying jewelry, buy what you love and connect with. Wear it everyday!

Q: One word to describe the feeling you want your wearers to experience.

A: Unstoppable.

Q: Future trends in jewelry design that excite you the most?

A: Many designers now create collections that allow clients to curate their own look by choosing the pieces that suits their self-expression the best. It’s about their own story telling. 

As we wrap up this insightful Q&A, it’s clear that our featured jewelry designer brings a unique blend of creativity, tradition, and innovation to the world of jewelry. From their earliest creations to their latest techniques, each piece is crafted with a deep sense of artistry and personal connection. We’ve journeyed through their inspirations, explored their preferred materials and methods, and caught a glimpse of the future trends that excite them the most.

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