Our Editors Tell You Their Favourite Fries & Coffee Shops

If there’s one thing you need to know about Team Amanqi, it’s that we absolutely love food. Whether it’s a great brunch or a fabulous plate of spaghetti, food gets us very excited. Thus, we decided to sit down with our editors and ask them about their favourite fries & coffee shops. Read on & get a sneak peak into our editor’s guilty pleasures.

Anmol Ahuja, Editorial Director

Fries: NAC – They’re perfectly crispy and Truffle Mayo is a good complementary condiment.

Coffee Shop: I’m not a coffee person, but my favourite hot chocolate is Monocle.

Simaan Shaikh, Contributing Editor

Fries: McDonald’s Fries – Unglamorous and totally cheap, these are the same wherever you go! So dependable! McD fries are basically a taste of my childhood and even though there are loads of better options for fries available, they’ll always be my favourite.

Coffee Shop:  Dubai: Tania’s Teahouse, London: Joe & The Juice. Living in two different countries means I need to have good options in both! Tania’s Teahouse in Dubai is cute and cozy and they have great personalised coffees (You can choose a design for them!), as a bonus they have great sweet potato fries to nibble on, as well as, a variety of other snacks and full meals available. Anyone who has been to London knows J&TJ, who not only have good coffee but GREAT juices and sandwiches. Their coffee is on the expensive side for just a quick cup, but they use organic beans and are great!

Shouq Bint Hamed, Contributing Editor

Fries: My number one weakness would 100% percent be French fries! I love an occasional helping of fries as a side dish – mindful indulgence – because why not. My go-to would be the Fresh Cut fries at Fatty Dabs Burger Shack, made in house and none of that frozen no-good. I think their fries are among the best I’ve eaten anywhere! If you’re also a fan of sweet potato fries, like me, the Patatas Fritas at Señior Ceviche are to die for. The accompanying Peruvian sauce makes the side dish a star!

Coffee Shop: While I love the atmosphere of coffee shops, coffee is not my cup of tea. I’m definitely a tea person and I love Amanzi Tea. The London based teahouse offers premium quality unique blends and will leave you struggling to choose just one! My go-to hot tea is the Lemon Verbena, known for supporting hydration, and the Vanilla Chair Latte for when I’m in the mood for an iced drink.

Aiyah Maraka, Guest Contributing Editor

Fries: Chic Fila waffle fries. They only have them in the states so when I go back I have them almost every day! I know, not the healthiest choice, but they’re just too darn good! They melt in your mouth. In London though, my favourite fries are at 108 in Marleybone.

Coffee Shop: That’s a tough one. As basic as it sounds I love the caramel lattes at Starbucks.

Hebah Fasciolo, Contributing Editor

Fries: Truffle Fries

Coffee Shop: L’eto Cafe

Marisa Phalphongphanit, Contributing Editor

Fries: Shake Shack Cheesy Fries!

Coffee Shop: I love, love, love district coffee on Nine Elms Lane. They have the best cappuccino & acai bowl.

Rhiannon Hall, Contributing Editor 

Fries: Because I pretty much live between New York and London I have my ‘go to’ places for fries. In New York, it’s Delicatessen in SoHo – the only thing worth eating there are their truffle fries. However in London it’s the champagne bar on 2 in Selfridges. Their triple cooked truffle fries… I can’t even talk about them without my mouth watering! So good and in the most unexpected way!

Coffee Shops: There are so many great coffee shops, a few of my favourite in London are Elan, Peggy Porschen and Farm Girl Cafe! NYC is littered with cozy coffee shops and cute cafes but one of my favourite is ChaChaMatcha it’s super cool inside and only sells matcha !

Eloise Andrews, Contributing Editor

Fries: Truffle and Parmesan Fries.

Coffee Shop: It’s more chocolate than coffee but Said dal 1923.

Sana Mastan, Guest Contributing Editor

Fries: Logma Fries – Crispy yet Khaleeji. My all time favourite.

Coffee Shop: Mitts & Trays

Mayda Al Khaldi, Guest Contributing Editor

Fries: Curly fries – They’re more fun to eat than the natural cut French fries!

Coffee Shop: I don’t drink coffee but I do love tea. I love Chattime (bubble tea joint). It’s a perfect mix of milk and tea served cold. Absolutely love it.

Amani Waqi, Co-Founder

Fries: In my opinion, the best fries would have to be those at KFC, especially the Spicy Fries that are only available in Dubai. For a slightly healthier alternative, I also love the fries at NAC!

Coffee Shop: In Dubai, my absolute favourite coffee shop is undoubtedly Arabica (their Spanish latte is unparalleled). Another favourite that I am so grateful to be able to have in both Dubai and London is L’Eto!

Komal Ishtiaq, Contributing Editor

Fries: OPTP Masala Fries are hand down my favourite. You can only get them in Pakistan but boy they are the best!

Coffee Shop: Starbucks. It’s a cliche and its a chain, but it’s the only caffeine fix I need every morning to function.

Manal Waqi, Editor-in-Chief

Fries: As someone who is obsessed with fries, I have quite a few favourites, but hands down my favourite are the Rosewood Mirror Room Truffle & Parmesean fries.

Coffee Shop: My favourite coffee shop in London has to be Carpo – absolutely amazing! I’m also a fan of the Roasting Party.