Our Editors Tell You Their Beauty Essentials


Read on & get a sneak peak into our editor’s boudoir.


The thing with beauty essentials is, that they’re always subjective. Everyone has their own favourites, ‘go-to’s & essentials, and with the constant rise of beauty labels & products, it almost becomes impossible to figure out what works & what doesn’t. Luckily, our editors, who are also beauty connoisseurs, have come together to share their essential mascara & favourite red lipstick. Read on & get a sneak peak into our editor’s boudoir.



Poorvi Surana, Photography Specialist


Red Lipstick: Don’t really wear red lipstick sorry!


Favourite Mascara: Maybelline ‘The Colossal Volum Express Waterproof Mascara’; it’s my favourite go to drugstore mascara and I love the volume it gives my lashes. Perfect for use on its own or a full face makeup!



Simaan Shaikh, Contributing Editor


Red Lipstick: ‘Kylie Jenner Cosmetics – 22′: I’m not really a fan of Kylie Jenner cosmetics but this orangey red colour really suits my skin tone for day time usage. For the evening, I LOVE Nars – Red Lizard as a deep red that just adds glam to any outfit!  


Favourite Mascara: ‘Benefit – They’re Real!’: I have been using this mascara for YEARS and can’t do without it! It doesn’t clump and adds amazing volume and length – not exactly the false lash effect it advertises though, but a great mascara nonetheless. A little goes a long way!



Aiyah Maraka, Guest Contributing Editor


Red Lipstick: ’24 hour Maybelline lipstick’. It never smudges and literally stays on longer than 24 hours. I always wear it when I’m at the beach!


Favourite Mascara: ‘Orange Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara’ – Love the volume it gives to my eyelashes and reminds me of when I was a teenager when I started wearing makeup.



Shouq Bint Hamed, Contributing Editor


Red Lipstick: I reach out for a warm orange-red shade as I have a medium complexion. This ‘RMS Beauty Wild With Desire Lipstick’ helps illuminate my face especially when I’m tanned. Hello bronze glow!


Favourite Mascara: My favourite mascara has to be the ‘Diorshow Iconic Overcurl’. I have really long but straight eyelashes (thanks Mum for great genetics!) and this mascara helps me achieve full, lengthy and curved eyelashes – think baby doll eyelashes. The new formula is great – application goes on so smooth, no smudging and most importantly eyelashes look natural.



Hebah Fasciolo, Contributing Editor


Red Lipstick: Mac ‘Ruby Woo’


Favourite Mascara: ‘Roller Lash’ by Benefit



Marisa Phalphongphanit, Contributing Editor


Red Lipstick: My absolute favourite red lipstick is the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Red Carpet Red’, you can’t help but look like a million bucks in this.


Favourite Mascara: This mascara is definitely appropriately named, it is by far the best I’ve ever owned; the too faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara.



Rhiannon Hall, Contributing Editor


Red Lipstick: I’m really not a lipstick wearer! I normally grab my cherry chapstick and I’m good to go, however I own both a Chanel Red and the Louboutin red lipstick and they are the perfect shades.


Favourite Mascara:  For years and years I wore ‘Dior mascara’ and I loved it, I want high volume that’s going to stay all day and not work its way down my face by 6pm. However Dior has changed it a formula over the years so recently I switch to Smashbox’s ‘Full Exposure’ mascara and I am so happy! 



Sana Mastan, Guest Contributing Editor


Red Lipstick: ‘Gucci Iconic Red’ – Out of all my red lipsticks, Gucci Iconic Red has my heart. It is that perfect classic shade of red that I can use for a bold day look and dress it up to that classy night look.


Favourite Mascara:  ‘Le Volume De Chanel’ – I have been in a comfort relation with this mascara since I first got introduced to it. It makes my tiny eyes instantly bold and attractive. It is also easy-to-build for that perfect smoky look.



Mayda AlKhaldi, Guest Contributing Editor


Red Lipstick: ‘Limecrime Red Velvetine’ – very bold colour and easy to use matte liquid lipstick.


Favourite Mascara: ‘Too Faced Better Than Sex’ mascara – it’s longlasting and creates a dramatic look by just one layer.



Amani Waqi, Co-Founder


Red Lipstick: I definitely had a phase during which I adored red lipstick and my top pick was ‘Ruby Woo’ by MAC – which is, in my opinion the perfect matte shade of red. However, since I now rarely apply red lipstick I prefer more nude tones and am obsessed with ‘Very Victoria’ by Charlotte Tilbury.

Favourite Mascara: Mascara is one makeup product that I know so many people swear by and use on a daily basis, but I prefer using only occasionally. When I do use it, my go-to is the ‘High Impact Lash Elevating Mascara’ by Clinique.



Komal Ishtiaq, Contributing Editor


Red Lipstick: MAC’s ‘Russian Red’ has been by go to red lipstick for more than a decade. My top tip for longer, smudge-proof red pout is to apply it in 3 coats using a lip brush, tap it with a tissue between each coat and lightly dust it with a translucent setting powder before applying that final coat of lipstick and damn girl it will stay there all night long.


Favourite Mascara: ‘Dior Show Maximizer Lash Primer’ + ‘Dior Show Pump N Volume Mascara’. This lash duo works like magic and gives that false lash effect without weighing the lashes down.