Physique 57: The Interview


The fitness lover in us is constantly on the search for exciting new workout studios & classes to attend (honestly, the search never stops). However, recently, we found solace in Dubai’s Physique 57 (Remember when we took on their 8 class challenge?). The perfect workout in a friendly environment with great instructors, Physique 57 checks all the boxes for a workout class that you need to add into your day-to-day routine. As fans & avid visitors of the concept, we decided to sit down with Maryam Fattahi Salaam, founder & CEO of Physique 57 Dubai, to discuss the concept, her ability to multitask and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. 



Physique 57 Dubai

Photo: Courtesy of Physique 57 Dubai


The Physique 57 Dubai Journey


Maryam: My love affair with Physique 57 started shortly after the birth of my first born when I lived in New York. Shortly thereafter, my husband and I moved back to our home city of Dubai. Expecting our second son, I didn’t want pregnancy to get in the way of my workout regimen so I kept trying different workouts. I noticed a huge void in the market when I couldn’t find a class that satisfied my fitness craving. What started as a purely selfish need to have Physique 57 in my hometown grew into a commitment to bring a luxury fitness brand that delivered all that it promised to thousands of women in the Middle East region!


A Usual Day in Maryam’s Life


Maryam: I catch up on the news and emails and enjoy a little me-time while everyone in the house is still asleep (I’ve always been an early riser). Breakfast is the one meal my husband, our boys and I always sit together for. I drop the boys off – the Lycee for my two older sons, nursery for my youngest. School drop-offs and pick-ups are sacred for that special quality time I enjoy with my boys, without any distractions. “Take care of yourself, and you will be the best caregiver” – married with two young children, I have found that I am a better mom and wife when I workout regularly. I try to squeeze in at least 3 Physique classes a week, and usually decide to jump in one 5 minutes before it starts. Lucky for me, my office is ten steps from a studio room with classes running continuously throughout the day.

I do school pickups on most days, unless I have an afternoon meeting. I sneak back to work (catching up on work emails on my Blackberry) while the boys do their homework.  I’m blessed to have found a job where I am satisfied on a personal level, yet enjoy the flexibility that allows me to play an active role in the day-to-day lives of my children. ‎Flexible means I’m busy most of the time, and happiest as a result.

Afternoons are usually taken with the boys’ activities, after which my husband and I make it a point to be at home by this time to feed the boys their dinner and tuck them to in to bed. Hands down, my favourite time of the day.

My husband is an great cook and from time to time, surprises me with my favourite margherita pizza. We unwind post-dinner with a TV show.

I catch up on the day’s news and more work-related emails, desperately get my inbox to zero before calling it a night. I will only fall asleep knowing I have a clean slate for the next day. Lights out!


Physique 57 Dubai

Photo: Courtesy of Physique 57 Dubai


The Secret ‘Must-Have’ Power Food


Maryam: I start every morning with a glass of green juice – green apple, bell pepper, celery, kale, parsley, cucumber, bitter gourd and lemon.


The Favourite Workout Move


Maryam: My all-time favourite is hairpin because you actually feel your seat has been lifted towards the end of the set. No move multitasks the way pretzel does – perky seat, sculpted thighs and carved waistline all in one sitting, literally.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Designers


Maryam: Surround yourself with experts in your field and ask questions in order to learn from them. After gathering more information about the opportunity, industry and market, reach out to people who can help convert your ideas into reality. Once you’re up and running, recognise and embrace that your business is and always will be a work in progress.


Physique 57 Dubai

Photo: Courtesy of Physique 57 Dubai



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