Rose Carmine Has The Dreamiest Yarns

Iconic French label, Rose Carmine features carefully handcrafted knitted wear that brings a cozy feel to every collection. The brand entails a number of designs in eccentric colours and dreamy yarns. The brand is known to entail the chicest tie-dye pieces owing to the remarkable craftsmanship of the designers.

Welcoming their newest collection, containing various tie-dye designs, patchwork and pastel colours. Dreamy would be an understatement.  

In our exclusive rapid-fire interview with Rose Carmine, we learnt a little bit about the brand from the founder, Sandrine Ganem. Read on to see her answers…

 Rose Carmine
via @rose_carmine

Amanqi: Introduce your brand in one sentence.

Sandrine Ganem: Rose Carmine is a creative fashion dream of softness and colours.

A:  Which is your favourite piece you have ever designed?

S: The Tie & Dye forever

A: What’s your favourite way to style the Rose Carmine bolero?

S: Please with fun!

A: How has digital media impacted your brand growth?

S: Instagram and influencers make me grow. I am very thankful to all the people who follow me and send me so many good vibes. 

A: Tell us about your vision for the future of the brand in 5 words.

S: Fantasy, creativity, luxury, handmade and eco-friendly. 

A: What is the most important thing you learnt in your journey which you did not know before you started?

S: Trust in my creativity and be myself. 

Rose Carmine
via @rose_carmine

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